Microsoft bets on fast Xbox 360 growth in Brazil

Microsoft is going to start selling its Xbox 360 video game console in Brazil next month (Dec 1) after years of planning, a company official said on Thursday.

Daniel Cervantes, director of Microsoft's Latin America games and entertainment division, predicted that Brazil's market could be Microsoft's biggest in Latin America for the Xbox 360 in the next five years.

The company will be selling the Xbox for 2,999 reais ($1,399) in stores and on Web sites, but product brought to Brazil unofficially by third parties can be found for between 1,600 reais and 1,900 reais.

Microsoft will have 14 games for the Brazilian launch, among them the much anticipated "Gears of Wars," and "Perfect Dark Zero", at a cost of 159 reais each.

Cervantes said Microsoft would spend twice as much on publicity in Brazil as it did for its Mexico launch, but he declined to give specific figures. He said the company wanted to start selling in Brazil as soon as possible because 40 percent of its consoles sales for the year were in December.

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Weapon X4454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

Yeah, hell might as well -- try Brazil. they can't sell 'em anywhere else -- except a few in the States and AU. They should try giving them away, but that could backfire too.


JasonXE4454d ago

he lives in Ecuador so he can probably buy it now so we can play on live.

Silver Bull3t4453d ago

They should include a free webcam for those tanned Brazilian b!tches! word.

Yo Wassap4453d ago

How many people can get this in Brazil? They might as well release it in Zimbabwe. Oh well if it helps...

Scrooge4453d ago

Do you really think Brazil is just a bunch of amazonian tribes? It's a very well-developed country. I also lived in Zimbabwe before it went to crap and maybe it would surprize you to hear that it was also well developed, reminded me of California. Do some traveling sometime, it's good for you.