Daily Joystick Podcast Episode 153 – Does the Xbox One and Wii U need a price cut?

Boosty from DJ Podcast writes "This week on the DJ Podcast we discuss all the latest Nintendo news including Nintendo considering a merger or acquisition as well as a price cut and its whole current state of affairs. We also take a look at the host of leaks out of Microsoft this week with rumors of a white Xbox One, disc less console, price cut, Halo 2 and Halo 5 release dates and more. In game reviews we take a look at Super Mario 3D World and we take a look at February’s upcoming game release list. This plus more on the DJ Podcast."

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skydragoonity2687d ago

Listen, if the xbone gets a price cut i would get one immediately for the exclusives. I will never pay more for an under powered machine it just isn't right.

Sincere01212687d ago

Ps4 needs a price cut with it's poor quality games, just ain't worth the purchase.

Fanboyssuck272687d ago

It's ironic that the Ps4 has the best hardware, yet lacks in games and gameplay. Software is poor.

Wii U is the cheapest and weakest when it comes to hardware yet it has better quality games and a better games line up than the ps4.

NeoTribe2687d ago

Not sure what your spewing out. Ps4 has just as many games as xbox. Its preference at the moment. We all know sony is gonna destroy the competition when it comes to games. Look no further than the ps2 and ps3. Best and most games every gen. Youll get broken kinect games most of the year. Software? X1 cant even stream. Nobody wants ms broken windows 8 os. I understand its rough being a ms fan lately, you guys are getting slaughteree in every category lol.

sashimi2687d ago

Its ironic that the Xbone has the weakest hardware and its the most expensive, yet lacks in games and gameplay. Software is poor also.

Wii U is the cheapest and weakest when it comes to hardware yet it has better quality games and a better games line up than the Xbone.

There, fixed it for you :)

donman12687d ago

With a comment like that... its clear drugs scramble the brain.

No_Limit2687d ago

Don't care about Wii U until a cheap price and a new Zelda game comes out.

If you thinlk about it, an iPad cost $400-$800 and my Xperia Z1 phone cost me $600 and those are outdated within 6 months after purchase.

Consoles last 5-8 years so I don't really see it as a being too expensive. Heck, I just bought a XB1 just to have a chance to play with Spinal in KI the other day. Already got a PS4 since day one.

Happy gaming

Willio2687d ago

I agree to buy everything u want but most gamers are poor, thats why people have to defend their respective system. However, there is also people like me who simply hates alternating machines to play a damn simple game. Too much luggage and if 90% of the games are multiplats, why bother getting an inferior product. Just saying.

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