Five Memorable Gaming Ads in Super Bowl History

Before we hope to see Xbox One and PS4 ads during Super Bowl XLVIII, let's look at some of the memorable gaming ads in Super Bowl history.

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koston36471746d ago

GOW one was pretty bad ass IMO

FamilyGuy1746d ago

I came here to say just about the same thing.
I wonder what Sony&/MS have in store for us at this years SuperBowl?

It'd be crazy if a brand new title was shown but TitanFall and Infamous Second Son are the most likely candidates. I'd welcome a surprise about DriveClubs release date or The Order too.

koston36471746d ago

my favorite one was during a Monday Night Football game in 2006 i think, that premiered the Halo 3 Teaser that was epic seeing the bubble shield for the first time.

FamilyGuy1746d ago

I remember that! That trailer/commercial was epic.