Microsoft declares War in £14m marketing blitz

Microsoft is staking a serious claim for Christmas supremacy with a £14 million total marketing spend on Xbox 360 and triple-A titles like Gears of War.
While Nintendo readies its own £12.5m push and Sony cracks open a £7m marketing warchest, Microsoft is set to lead the pack with what is a record spend for the platform holder.

"It's probably well in excess of double what we've typically spent on a Christmas," Xbox marketing boss Stephen McGill told MCV. "With Sony not being here and Nintendo coming in with limited stock the opportunity for us is pretty significant. Most of the £14 million will be spent on getting consistent TV airtime."

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Retard4454d ago

Like the console wars other then .. the (people) are starting to really heat up now... Really starting to see Sony VS. Microsoft now... or at least feel it.

Sadly, I don't get the same feeling for the Wii. I'd just rather have more Xbox360/PS3 games, right?


Ravenator5294454d ago

The Wii has IMO lost a little of its "limelight".

I know their goal is to appeal to the mass market. But I just don't know if I want to drop $300 for the Wii and Zelda.

I think I might just wait for the Gamecube version.

But yes, the lines have been drawn between M$ and Sony.

But as of right now M$ has "technically" had the benefit of a year and one holiday season with another right around the corner. In turn they have sold 7 million units before this years holiday season. With a projection of 10 million by the end of this years holiday season.

Sony on the other hand will only have 400,000 units at launch in a couple of weeks and no one knows exactly how many PS3's will be on store shelves come Christmas.

Even Phil Harrison won't comment on shipment quantities at this point.

Sphinx4454d ago

...if my wife didn't want one so badly. However, I do see some perks to getting it: Zelda, and the virtual console. Yeah, that's pretty much it at launch... oh, plus it'll be nice playing on a more even playing field with my wife, since she won't have such a problem with all the buttons.

THWIP4454d ago

My wife and I got into gaming together with the PS1 (Tetris mainly)and PS2 (Ico, Primal, Drakkan: The Ancient's Gates). We then went hardcore, with the XBOX, enjoying Morrowind, Fable, Jade Empire, Voodoo Vince, Beyond Good & Evil and Thief:DS together. With the 360, we've spent well over 300 hrs, between Oblivion, Kameo, Tomb Raider Legend, and Hexic (we've actually probably spent better than 50 hours on Hexic alone).

I think the couple that games together, stays together. ;)

Smellslikepie4454d ago

Wait.. You're married but you're only in college? Don't you think that's a little too soon?

Ravenator5294453d ago

I am a married gamer as well. The only difference is that my wife could care less about gaming.

THWIP4453d ago

And NEITHER of us said anything about college ANYWAY. ???

Smellslikepie4453d ago

I was talking to Sphinx. He didn't mention in this post that he goes to college, but he has previously.

BIadestarX4453d ago (Edited 4453d ago )

I'm married too and most likely I will have I may get the wii because of her. She made me buy a DS which she used for 3 days (mario) and is somewhere in the house. The samething will happen with the wii. She will use it for 3 days and then dump it in a closet. I recomment to use judgement unless your wife was a gamer before she met you. As much as we want to convert them, they will always prefer new shoes over a game.

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PS3n3604454d ago

The war is over. I know they gotta make some more money and push more consoles but they certainly dont have to prove anything with sales figures. The games speak for themselves. There are more hyundais on the road than ferraris but I know which one is superior.

combatant4453d ago

Good link. I like that comparison. Master cheif looks so damn goood. emm, i want to eat him up.

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