GTA 4 "10/10" Reviews Rigged by Rockstar

On Playstation Nation's weekly podcast, industry expert Andrew Yoon from the Joystiq network sheds some light on the industry practice of early exclusive game reviews. He mentions that Rockstar blacklists review sites, such a Joystiq, that give them unfavorable reviews/previews and have a direct hand in the content of the written reviews. This may explain IGN's perfect score for the game since they had the exclusive first online review of the game. Joystiq is still blacklisted for an unfavorable preview of Liberty City Stories for PSP.

Listen at at around 10:00 minute mark for the question that garners this reponse from Yoon.

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smokeymicpot4885d ago

To many conspiracy's everything is these day's. But what ever if people want to believe it they will.

chaosatom3334885d ago (Edited 4885d ago )

As far as reviews goes, they have become much more lenient and they don't actually care for the score much.

2+2= 10 or something.

Also they have to maintain pedigree. They handed out 10s way early to games like halo 3 and when it comes to gtaiv, they can't really graded it down.

I would personally give gta vice, gta SA, and gtaiv all 10s because i am a gamer, not a reviewer. Reviewers should be more strict.

The physics in gtaiv is awesome, like the euphoria system and there are number of improvements.

I think that the graphics look great, i am not going to lie, it's just my opinion. But offcourse if they perfected the graphics, then there will be nothing to look forward in the next gta series.

Omegasyde4885d ago

The single player is great. The multiplayer on the other hand needs to be fixed. If only the reviewers played the game with the ammount of people playing online on launch day.

The game is definitely not perfect, because of R* inability to really test out the multiplayer. Lots of options but the stupid "discontected/ returning to single player" error is ridiculous. I called R* on how to prevent this error and they stated that I should either Host games or goto a NAT 1 connection ( cat5 cable directly linked to router).

What a B.S. fix it answer. They must of forgot that 60 gb Ps3 has a wireless connection from the get-go.

Martini4885d ago

Sucks for you but the multiplayer on 360 runs fine and is the best aspect of the game. BTW I remember reading a story few years ago about R* strongarm some of the reviewers so I believe there is some truth to this.

Amnesiac4885d ago

works fine on the ps3..ive gotten that error like one time in 30 hours of gameplay...that goon above just needs a better router

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Rick Astley4885d ago (Edited 4885d ago )

GTA IV is insanely overrated. San Andreas, Vice City and III were all better. I don't even see what's so "next-gen" about GTA IV. The graphics are horrible and it's smaller than SA.

It just pisses me off that the games that actually DESERVE a 10 don't get it.

Hydrolex4885d ago (Edited 4885d ago )

GTA IV was disappointing Gameplay wise.

After you beat the game, there is nothing much to do in single player.

and I don't like the multiplayer because I like COD4s multiplayer


I'm not saying the game sucks. The game is actually hella AWESOMe but after you finish it, ...

Omegasyde4885d ago

Hydro, I admit that the single player game is to time focused when doing the side mission i.e. Dating, hanging out with buddies.

The only side missions I can think that you can do with out the cocpect of Liberty City time is the police missions.

PoSTedUP4885d ago

i dissagree, gtaIII was better than vice, sanandreas. gta4 is better than all of them. my opinion. III and IV have the best story line, i used gtaIII to kill the time a week b4 gta IV came out

SRuN44885d ago

I thought Vice City and San Andreas were horribly overrated, I didnt even finish either of them. They were just so cheesy.

ScentlessApprentice74885d ago (Edited 4885d ago )

And definately a contender for game of the year, but I have to honestly say that the characters in SA and VC were more charismatic. I think CJ and Tommy Vercetti were way more likable protagonists than Niko.

Meresin4885d ago

GTA IV has really bad pixelation issues. It makes me wonder if the reviewers played it on an 11" TV or something, because that's the only way they'd be able to claim that the game was beautiful.

Don't get me wrong...It's fun. It just isn't beautiful. Too many jaggies for that. :P

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Condoleezza Rice4885d ago

Is it a 10?no.

I knew something was up when EVERYONE was handing out 10s,but I guess that's the business for ya

Odonnus4885d ago

Yeah, i think the problem is also when these outlets start giving out 10's to more and more games (alot un-deservingly), they have to keep giving 10's when they realize that a better game is out (they can't give a lower score to a better game :p).

SlyGuy4885d ago

definitely not a 10.

If the game had branching dialogue...maybe

If I injured the mission guy, called the ambulance and they helped him....maybe (they don't heal anyone else but me? lame, even more lame is that the guy disappears and then calls me on my cell phone! lol)

Sry but the innovation and real-world feel is still a bit off.

niall774885d ago

but hay the internet is full of conspiracys.

one more cant hurt

issa30324885d ago

I don't think that Rockstar rigged all the review sites. But I think they rigged their early exclusive with IGN and got their 10/10. Then all the other competing sites followed suit. I don't know if you remember that originally Gamespot had given GTA 4 a 9.5/10 but then they changed it to a 10/10.

Charlie26884885d ago

Rockstar maybe not but considering 2Ks current position they are probably working magic as we speak and the release of GTA4 was there chance to do WHATEVER it takes to obtain there life saving "boost" and like EVERYTHING in life you can either do it one way (a LOT of advertisement) and/or the other way (pulling a few strings here and there to ensure good word) and we all know that in a ruthless business like theirs its more likely the second cuz they cant take any chances in there position

RecSpec4885d ago

GTAIV is Take 2's Final Fantasy.

Everything, including their future, is riding on this game. So the fact that reviews may have been influenced is no big deal. Even if eventually down the road we find out that this was true. It wouldn't matter if Take 2 survives the EA situation. They need to survive this, whatever the cost.

Breakfast4885d ago (Edited 4885d ago )

Stop with the Now this aint gonna sound to pleasing....but, all conspiracy theories only come from one side. Which side might that be?

Hydrolex4885d ago

actually it might happen.

In my mind, Saints Row 1 was more fun than GTA IV. car customization, face customization, clothes customization, gang and ...

Hatchetforce4885d ago

Considering the entire Joystiq network is on the payroll of Microsoft they should hardly be pointing fingers.

ShinMaster4884d ago

GTAIV is a great game without a doubt, and has improved in a lot of areas from the latest GTA.

But I do not think it was 10/10 worthy. Especially in graphics. It isn't technically very good, and IGN said that its artistic design was good enough for a 10.......I don't see it.

In sound, it also received a 10........also not 10 worthy.

It would have been more realistic if they kept it in the 9s.

MGS4 has far better sound, and graphics, both technically and design-wise.

They better give it a 10, or else, we'll know something fishy happened in the review of GTAIV!