Japanese otaku lining up for PS3

Queues of gamers anxious to get their hands on the PlayStation 3 have begun forming outside Tokyo electronics stores that plan to begin selling the machine on Saturday morning.

The first gamers began arriving outside Asobit City in Tokyo's Akihabara electronics district this afternoon, about 16 hours ahead of the launch, and this evening at Bic Camera in the Yurakucho district a crowd of around 200 people had gathered. Bic Camera will host the main launch of the console at 7am (10pm GMT Friday) and SCEI's president, Ken Kutaragi, will be in attendance to sell the first console.

The store isn't letting gamers queue up until about two hours before the launch. The rule was apparently made in an attempt to stop people arriving too early, but it's just had the effect of pushing the crowd on to the other side street opposite the store. The shop has 600 PlayStation 3 consoles available, according to a rumor that swept the crowd: quite how it will decide who out of the unorganized bunch gets one should there be a shortage is unknown.

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dcm4457d ago (Edited 4457d ago )

ok i dont care if i loose a bubble for this or not. i dont really care. im going to give my opinions about all the stupid stuff i have heard in the last 24 hours.

ea, well i think they have good reasoning it seems like we forget how fun the games are with such awesome graphics. heck these days i would rather play my 64, super, ps1, then anything new thats out.

and you probably are like this guy is messed up or he doesnt know what hes talking about. thats the reason this is my opinion dumb asses.

wel anyways back to ea. graphics are nice but i dont want to be playing everything so realistic i mean that doesnt matter to me. i just want something i can have fun with. i have a 360 planning on getting the other 2 systems but i think nintendo is doing the better thing this gen.

yeah its not next gen by the way its all here now and i guess this is all we get better graphics and online gaming which we have had on the pc.

it sux really and i dont know what the big deal is there are some games im looking forward to. i love graphic games im just saying that they shouldnt concentrate on so much graphics.

im glad ps3 is launching this week in japan. but wheres all the good games? i guess were just going to have to wait a while to get good games on there.

the hdvd add on thingy is out i guess for 360 not for sure dont care. the only reason they went and added that was cause of sonys decision to use blu ray. but whatever not interested in neither i want a game system that plays games jack asses. give me more games and not some lame fps game. by the way i hate all fps games just about it.

i guess im going to get bashed all the way to hell about my comments and opinions. but i just dont care. its a fanboy mess out there these days. i just dont see why people dont have 2 or 3 game systems like we used to do it. but no everyone just chooses one brand one system.

by the way you stupid fanboys every game system has problems when it 1st comes out.

except for ps2 it still messed up.

and you people are the dumbest people ever. you come on here and bash nintendo sometimes because they dont have the best graphics thats the dumbest thing i have ever seen.

and gears of war all it is, is graphics just like rfom. there both retarded.

but blue dragon, that lost odyssy or whatever there going to be fun.

so here my game list for 2006.motorstorm, gengi,99 nights, oblivion expansion thing, smackdown vs raw, eragon, zelda, dragonball, red steel,god of war 2, marvel alliance.

not much of a list i know. but last year i bought over 50 games like 10 for 360 maybe about 20 for ps2 and i bought a few xbox games and even 1 gamecube game. last year was fun this year sux.

and you people suck. ea sux but they got good points im in this for the games not the war not the graphics just give me some better games.

dcm4457d ago

i was so much wanting to bash graphics i accidently put graphics on there instead of games but i updated as you can see it says games now.

dcm4457d ago

its good that there getting the ps3.

Weapon X4457d ago (Edited 4457d ago )

Because MS fans hate to lose. And since they know they won't beat the CellStation or anything named playstation ((and never will)) they get their rocks off by jumping in and pushing "Lame" -- then they go to the bathroom and -----