IGN Reviews Lost Winds

IGN Writes:
"If you had any doubts about whether or not developers would be able to work within the seemingly miniscule 43-megabyte file constraint of WiiWare games, look no further than LostWinds. The WiiWare launch effort, created by Frontier Developments, does more with 43 megabytes than too many Wii developers do with a whole Wii optical disc. That says two things: first, that Frontier actually cares to take advantage of Nintendo's console and second, that too many software makers don't. Alas, we'll save the rant for another day -- the good news is that WiiWare has arrived and with it, proof that the service will house some fresh and fun projects."

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Spartacus4883d ago (Edited 4883d ago )

I just bought it, and it's pretty awesome! I've only played for like 20 minutes and the only complaints I have are these:
1- don't really care for the story
2- I occasionally get lost (but I have no sense of direction to begin with)
3- the character can't actually jump, except for the LoZ-run-off-of-a-cliff jump, so the Wiimote acting as wind is really essential.

Other than that, I recommend it!

ChickeyCantor4883d ago

" so the Wiimote acting as wind is really essential. "
thats actually the whole point of the game XD

Prismo_Fillusion4883d ago

The one comment in the review that I don't understand is their complaint that it's only a three-hour game, which is "short for $10". If games on most systems are $60, which is six times the amount of six times the length would be an 18 hour game. No one would complain about an 18 hour game for full price.

Anyway, that's nitpicking! Not sure if I'll buy this or not, I'm still pretty engrossed in GTA4 at the moment.

PS360WII4883d ago

It is pretty cool that they take jump away from you and give you the wind to work with instead. Different element of play style is usually fun ^^

dragunrising4883d ago

although I was planning on purchasing the game anyways. Excited that it beat my expectations:) Keep it up Nintendo! I already purchased Defend the Castle and recommend that one as well; cheap and addictive. My only problem now is what to delete because I don't have enough blocks for Lost Winds. I hope there is a hard drive in the works at Nintendo because I don't see my storage problem as getting any better :-P

sumfood4u4882d ago


p.s. this games Rocks! Use the Power of Wind like Zelda Wind Waker!