10 Exclusives Coming to Wii U, Diversifying the Library

Nintendo has been in the spotlight of media turmoil lately, so much so that their upcoming games are getting overshadowed by their business aspects. Wednesday’s investors meeting didn’t ease any of the discomfort that Nintendo gamers have experienced this year. It's time to turn our attention back on these games and let Nintendo handle the rest.

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TheVideoGamHer2422d ago

So many good games coming out this year for Wii U. I really hope Nintendo pushes them. Especially Bayo 2 and Monolith Soft's new game. It's vital.

gedden72422d ago

I agree 2014 is a very important year for Wii U... I m really looking forward to all the games coming out this year! Good post. Did you make the article?

Xof2421d ago

I wouldn't expect to see Monolith's X until 2015. And Bayonetta 2 will likely be a Q4 game.

The list also mentions three "unknown" titles and the unannounced WiiU Zelda.

So, in other words, the list of 10 WiiU Exclusives for 2014 really only has 5 games. ~__~

TheVideoGamHer2420d ago

X was in showable form at the January 2013 Direct. It's a good chance we'll get it this year, even if at the end of the year.

Xof2420d ago

It's a bit silly to expect a release date for Monotlith's game considering they haven't even shared the games TITLE yet.

And are we really at the point where people think seeing gameplay footage of a game indicates an imminent release? Really? Hasn't this generation been the site of some of the LONGEST delays in development in gaming history? I mean, come on, people--remember Versus XIII?

KonsoruMasuta2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

Can't wait to see how Hyrule Warriors turns out! According to the Japanese trailer, it's releasing in Japan during summertime.

Aceman182422d ago

The sequel to xenoblade is the only one I care about at this moment in time.

deafdani2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

We still don't really know if this is a sequel to Xenoblade or a new IP with the same gameplay style.

I think it's the latter. Outside of the gameplay mechanics, I just don't see the relation between the world shown in X and the Xenoblade world. I mean, just look at the Mechas. They have a more decidedly traditional and "realistic" design to them, whereas the "mechs" and "robots" in Xenoblade had all a more stylized fantasy style.

The only thing that really indicates that this could be related to Xenoblade is the blond kid that appears at the end of the first trailer, who many people believe to be Shulk... but he could be just that, a generic blonde kid. He didn't even look too much like Shulk to me, honestly, his face was more rounded.

Who knows. Anyway, I'm 95% sure the game will be epic either way. Sequel to Xenoblade or not, it's still my most anticipated title of 2014. I only hope it's well enough into development to meet the release year, and it doesn't get any delays.

Aceman182422d ago

it pretty much doesn't matter to me as it's the only game i'm really looking forward to on the system next to the next Zelda game lol.

WiiUsauce2421d ago

It sounds like you didnt play Xenoblade, because X has the same exact battle system, extremely similar enemy designs, those blue orbs in the overworld in the trailer for X are also in Xenoblade, theyre collectibles that fill your collectopedia, and the aesthetics of the overworls look identicle to guar plains on the bionis leg. All signs point to direct sequel. It does look like the sequel takes place a few 100 years into the future though.

deafdani2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

Blue orbs and battle system are part of the gameplay, which I already aknowledged looks taken straight from Xenoblade.

I didn't recognize anything from Xenoblade's overworld on neither of the two trailers released for X. Certainly not Gaur Plains from Bionis Legs. To me, this looks like a completely new world.

That said, I could be completely wrong. If you turn out to be right, and the story takes place several decades after Xenoblade, that could explain the mechas, and the "futuristic" cities seen in the second trailer (which look nothing like Alcamoth or Agniratha, the most advanced cities in Xenoblade).

Trust me, I have played Xenoblade. It's my favorite game of the past generation, and that's why X is my most anticipated title of 2014, regardless of it being a direct Xenoblade Sequel or not.

Would be nice if it was a sequel? Yup! But it would also be nice if it was a new IP. Either way, it will probably be awesome. :)

Toon_Link2422d ago

I'm definitely in for bayonetta 2 and Monoliths new game.

Dunban672422d ago

I am so glad this article was written- IMO much of what Iwata said was smoke for the purpose of distracting-

The only specifics he gave about games is that Mario Kart is releasing in May- that's it

We know DKTF is releasing in Feb- supposedly Hyrule warriors is releasing this Summer and Smash Bros sometime in 2014- But I have not read or heard of anyone at Nintendo say the other games on the list will be out in 2014- they imply it but they did the same thing last year w no results

NihonjinChick2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

On the list of upcoming Nintendo games, it tells you the year of release.

Hyrule Warriors
Bayonetta 2
X (Monolith's new game)

They all have 2014 next to them. Also, Hyrule Warrior's Japanese trailer stated 2014.

Dunban672421d ago

I would feel more confident if they were a little more specific as they were w Mario Kart (Spring 2014) were as the others just say 2014

If I remember correctly they had some on the same list in last years report slated for 2013 that did not make it- but I am going from memory and could be wrong- I just wish they would communicate more- the way it looks is we have 1 game coming between now and may -

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