PlayStation 3 arrives to long lines at stores, red ink at Sony

Video game fans will brave the cold and stand in long lines Saturday to buy Sony's PlayStation 3 in what's certain to be a sellout launch in Japan of the much-awaited upgrade to the popular console.

Supply is limited as Sony Corp., plagued with production problems, has managed to ready only 100,000 PlayStation 3 machines for the Japan launch date. When it goes on sale in the United States Nov. 17, some 400,000 PS3 consoles will be available. The sales date has been pushed back in Europe until March.

"I waited all this long, and I'm not disappointed. I'm glad I waited," said Takayuki Yokozawa, a 27-year-old employee at a computer maker who owns the original PlayStation as well as its successor PlayStation 2.

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malachi234456d ago

Funny how they buy into the PS3 even though it's bigger than the Xbox360 in terms of size! the 360 has loads of GREAT games and far better ones comming out for it than the PS3!.

DARE I SAY that this country is RACIST towards western technology?.

andy capps4456d ago

MS has hardly any games out right now that appeal to the Japanese. They're making some steps by getting Lost Planet, Too Human, and Blue Dragon in the future but it could be too late. But they're going to have to work harder than that to really get the Japanese on board. For every one of MS's JRPG's, Sony will probably have 5-10. Japan likes RPG's, not FPS's. That's pretty much what it boils down to. And also, like it or not, Sony and Nintendo have the Asian market pretty much wrapped up because of their reputation and their games. It will take a lot of money, and consistent effort by MS to gain a significant foothold there.

12Volt4456d ago

and why wouldnt they be, they're the electronics capital of the world. and ps3 is the console of choice. Think about it, the way the ps3 was designed wasnt made to appeal to western markets, it looks badass because the japanese love sexy electronics...

Silver Bull3t4456d ago

Maybe that whole Bomb thing has something to do with it...

LiquifiedArt4456d ago

Xbox 260 sucks. and i'm an American and a NEW YORKER non the less..

Silver Bull3t4455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

... regardless, you're still a d!ckhole.

And stop giving Americans a bad name... the Bush admin. has done a good enough job already...

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kewlkat0074456d ago

is the horse Dead yet...whats so new about your comment that everyone hasn't said a gazillion times already. i'm glad to see the PS3 finally getting released, it's about time.

andy capps4456d ago

What did malachi23 say that hasn't been said a million times already? I was just responding to his comments. I know I didn't say anything mindblowing, but someone had to say it. It's better than saying "Riiiiiiiiiidge Racer!!!111" in any thread that mentions Kaz Hirai or Ridge Racer. :) But yeah it is about time for it to be released.

JasonXE4456d ago

announce tflo and get square to make another ff7 exclusive. Bam japan is done with for the next 3-4 yrs.

LiquifiedArt4456d ago

if they win, you'll be better off keeping your PC.. and calling it a day. Console gaming will be ruined End of Story.

Silver Bull3t4455d ago

I hear trolls like the taste of c0ck...

Marty83704456d ago

X360 will never win in Japan thats a fact.

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