The world has spoken, and no one wants a Nintendo Wii U

The numbers are pretty bad. Virtually every part of Nintendo’s business, save for its still lucrative portable 3DS, is tanking. With both sales and profits tumbling, a tepid market for its Wii U console, and Nintendo still insistent on only allowing users to play its games on its own platforms, it’s unclear how the company will recover.

The world is over the Wii. Sony sold nearly as many Playstation 4 consoles in the first six weeks after its launch (4.2 million) as Nintendo has sold in over a year since the launch of the Wii U (5.8 million).

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BullyMangler2689d ago

boy the author of this article is so fanpie.

ps4 sold just because of the number four at the end of play station < fact

wiiU sales is slow because peeps think wiiU is just a peripheral for wii.

Im going to write an article and the title will say .

"Why a Nintendo wiiU TRUMPS a ps4, x1 when it comes to higher quality, better looking, more challenging software"

lets see if your fanboy feelings get hurt when you realize how a (wiiU is STILL a better choice over a ps4 x1) < FACTOID . ha haaa

SCW19822689d ago

Wow some people are so brainwashed. What world do you live in dude?

windblowsagain2688d ago


Everyone knows Wii u is a console.

That was old news when it first released.

Stop giving out facts when you have none to give.

I'll give you a FACT.


PS3 - 4.4
360 - 4.4
WII U - 4.4
XBOXONE - 13.1
PS4 - 25.6

Chris5582688d ago Show
Sincere01212688d ago

Well said, just another insecure fanboy author.

GuruMeditation2688d ago

I like Nintendo, but how is that well said? Lol it reads like the droning of an enraged adhd child...

GuruMeditation2688d ago

Think of each bubble as a crayon. You just looked us in the eye and ate your last crayon, staring off wistfully as crayola dribbles down your chin...

On topic, I feel there will always be a place for Nintendo. There's more than enough room for 3 major players in this race, but they need a concerted effort to win over other demographics, lest WiiU be relegated to a niche curio. Me, I've gone PS4, but like many others, if Nintendo brings games that appeal to me, I'd gladly pick up a WiiU.

Retroman2688d ago

"if Nintendo brings games that appeal to me, i'd gladly pick up a wii-U"

that is Nintendo problem no appealing game outside Mario,Zelda,Smash bro.Donkey Kong,pikmin.
maybe sales pick-up if beat 'em up,space shooter,role playing games would come.

N4g_null2688d ago

Hasn't that always been Nintendos way... "If they come out with a game u like I'll buy one. " Isn't this the whole point of buying a console?

Yet it seems like if a company has enough hype I'll buy their console is the rule right now and so be it. The early adopters paved the way for future development....
Unless other sides of your company are dragging it down. Hopefully sony pulls through though.

YET the same thing happened last gen with the ps3... When it finally got a game I wanted to play I paid almost $500 to get it and a few wii games. Yet I haven't bought new another ps game yet... that is a real problem that maybe ps now will fix.

it's like no one wants xenoblade until some one tells someone about it.... boom it's $80 punk! Opps! The same is happening with the wiiu. Maybe a case redesign and all of the wii sports, play, fits are all preloaded since casuals don't know how e purchases work... um mm m apple store and play store and steam?! Then they have to stop selling the wii. Account systems will bring back the old schoolers and playing 3ds and ds on a big screen could be fun... which means dev have more gamers to sell to. Suddenly you got a ton of new games to play across their systems. ..

Maybe that is the true reason the ps4 is selling people bought into the cloud gaming stuff on the ps4 yet ms just explained as DRM lol. As long as Nintendo keeps physical and e ownership going I think everyone will end up coming home.

gillri2688d ago

gimme a new Zelda and Metroid and ill buy one! Until no thanks we all know bayonetta 2 is going to be ported

wonderfulmonkeyman2688d ago

You're delusional if you think Bayonetta 2 is going to be ported.
Nintendo is putting up ALL of the money for that sequel.
You're not getting it on PS4.
You're not getting it on XBone.
And you're certainly not getting it on PC or any of the OUYA-like systems!


DoggyBiscuit2688d ago

U shoulda done ur research before u posted that comment smh

TheRacingX2688d ago

Bayonetta 2 is a Nintendo published title.....not coming anywhere else anytime soon

Studio-YaMi2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

You need a hug bullymangLer? not that I'm gonna give you one ..

Saying that Nintendo Wii U is finished & that "no one wants a Nintendo Wii U" is a load of rubbish.

I have a Wii U,many others do as well,so what? we don't count now?

Fact of the matter is,the Wii U is lacking in 3 major spots,if these spots are dealt with,then you'll surely see a rise in sales for the system :

1-IPs that people are asking for that are still not here(but eventually will).

2-Reaching out to developers/publishers and gaining 3rd party support(3rd party exclusives are even better to grab onto in this case).

3-Better marketing,the Wii U needs a HELL much better marketing at this point,the system is good & in no way bad,it has potential and they need to take advantage of the gamepad more,they need to spread the words about this system in order to widen the install-base which will also grant them 3rd party support.

I wish the best for Nintendo,they are in a mess right now but they need to focus and resolve things out before things get even worse.

GuruMeditation2688d ago

Totally agree. If these 3 areas are addressed I'll gladly take the plunge and purchase a WiiU. Right now it just doesn't feel designed to appeal to me, so I'm hoping that'll change.

Rask2688d ago

Being this delusional.

Chrischi19882688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

This is why nintendo fans are hated by so many, because there are people like Bully, who just has to say things like this... I am wondering, if he is a nintendo hater, trolling hard, so that people from other plattforms go nuts about nintendo fans. I am a nintendo fan and supporter and love my Wii U, but would never say things like it being more powerful than a PS4 or things like that.

But again, I really hate the author of this article, what does he try to do with this article? Showing his opinion and acting like that the whole world thinks that way... pretty childish and not really jounalism, because in journalism you state facts, but dont ever show a opinion, showing me, that this article is written by some wannabe, who uses, what every sunday journalist uses, bashing nintendo a bit more.

And to act like "the world has spoken", how can anybody not be a fanboy, while saying something like this? I am talking to the non nintendo fans, but those who think logic, not the ones who want to destroy a brand and just hate, like people in their puberty.

NeoTribe2688d ago

Ps4 sold more because it has a 4 at the end of it? I honestly dont have the words to explain how idiotic that statement is.

ocelot072688d ago

1, I bought a PS4 not because of a 4 at the end. I bought it as PlayStation has the best exclusives (imo not fact) so there is your FACT squashed.

2, I honestly don't understand how the Wii U is the better choice than the XB1 or PS4. PS4 actually has games coming out for it as does XB1. Nintendo does not hell they can't even get over priced DLC on there platform (Batman Origins). I got bored of Mario games 20 years ago. Yet Nintendo keep shoving them out time and time again < FACT!

il-JumperMT2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Wii was a fad nothing more.

I prefer Gamecube.

Now release Gamecube 2 please.

neogeo2688d ago

How about Sega and nintendo and they call it the Dreamcube!

Shnazzyone2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

I'm starting to think maybe these nintendo doom articles could be a good thing. Perhaps real gamers will become so worried that one of the staple developers of the last 30 years of gaming is in danger of going under that they'll finally pick this system up at a consistent enough amount to keep the console total numbers higher than ps4 a little longer. Maybe just long enough so the big games for wii U in 2014 drops. Then it will become tougher and tougher for ps4 to catch up (especially with the shitty job sony is doing keeping up with demand). Maybe if Wii U holds that most sold title just that hair longer then the 3rd party devs will have no choice but to develop for it in 2015.

In the meantime, at least we got lots to play for now. Will definitely be better when I got mario kart 8, and bayonetta 2 to play too.

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cyguration2689d ago

I'm going to get a Wii U once they add the shared user account. I don't want my games dying with the system.

Venox20082689d ago

your games wont die, if your console gonna die one day, you contact Nintendo, say your NNID with password and maybe something else and your stuff gonna be transfered to your new console

cyguration2689d ago

Really? Oh okay. Hmm, I might get one sooner then.


Venox20082688d ago

there was an article on N4G when one guy had broken Wii U and he contacted nintendo by phone (maybe you could do by email too), and better if you will buy Wii U, write down its serial number too.. who knows, maybe after some time Nintendo gonna make a system more like Xbox or play station, but still it's a step forward for them like it is.. anyway all your purchaces are being tied to your NNID now, same with 3DS now when you register your NNID to your 3DS, just better to make same on both, so your eShop credit is united with 3DS and Wii U

R00bot2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

They're also bringing account-based downloads soon. It was in their investors meeting.
That means you won't even have to contact Nintendo (it's basically Microsoft and Sony's approach).

wonderfulmonkeyman2688d ago ShowReplies(2)
HarryMasonHerpderp2688d ago

It's a shame about the specs with the wii U.
As a hardcore gamer though, it wouldn't deter me from getting a Wii U in the future. I just want more adult games for the system. It's great to have your Mario games and stuff but I want a new Metroid game and some new IPs. The Gamecube is one of my favourite consoles of all time, Luigi's Mansion, smash bros melee, resident evil remake, MGS twin snakes, paper mario, eternal darkness, skies of arcadia, tales of symphonia and so had such an amazing library. I hated the Wii though and this put a lot of doubt in my mind about the Wii U and I've been shown nothing that will change my mind in the near future. I know the Gamecube was considered a flop though (it was up against the PS2) but this is just what I would like as a hardcore gamer.

MsmackyM2688d ago

The amount of anti-Nintendo articles that pop-up on N4G is staggering, it's like fanboy porn or something.

badz1492688d ago

Welcome to "Sony is DOOM" land 2007!