Nintendo Bringing GBA Games to Virtual Console

GR: Nintendo is currently working on getting more Game Boy Advance games on the 3DS eShop.

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knifefight2088d ago

Advance Wars!
Holy crap I'd forgotten about that game. Time to take a look in some of my boxes in the back of the closet and see if it's around here somewhere.

2088d ago
saladthieves2088d ago

Not exactly backwards compatibility, but nevertheless a good idea.

MoveTheGlow2088d ago

Yeah, the article itself isn't that interesting - Natsume knows that they've been working on getting GBA games running, but Nintendo said they were working on that ever since the Ambassador titles came out. The emulation is fine, someone just needs to build a little bit of an overlay and a saving structure on top. It's not rocket science, they just need to decide to pay some people to do it.

But Advance Wars! Intelligent Systems needs to make a new one of those, since Fire Emblem: Awakening did so well. They've got the 2d map/3d battle thing so solid, it would be a shame to not see a new Advance Wars with that pre-existing tech!

3-4-52088d ago

We need a new AW game similar to the first two but obviously updated a bit.

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ftwrthtx2088d ago

Always a great idea to bring older titles to a newer device.

LinkOnABoat2088d ago

Except Pokemon because they can remake them forever.

Beetey2088d ago

That would be awesome if they could add the Gen III pokemon games and do it in a way that we could transfer to Gen IV games using a 3DS. Better yet, have it so they could be transferred to pokebank (not happening but it would would cool).

JohnnyTower2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

How about a new Advance Wars for the 3ds? Or final fantasy tactics advance sequel? Come on ninty, I'd love you forever...

STK0262088d ago

Well, FF Tactics is up to SquareEnix. As for Advance Wars, I believe the developer recently released the superb Fire Emblem Awakening, but an Advance Wars game is hopefully coming along sooner rather than later. AW:DS was one of the best DS games, so I hope they don't just let the franchise die. Hopefully more in the line of Dual Strike than Days of ruin though.

I can see why developers aren't developing more games for the wii-u, as its install base is small, but there's no reason why we haven't seen a Final Fantasy Tactics or a TWEWY sequel on the 3DS.

MoveTheGlow2088d ago

Oh, there's a reason, and that reason is Square-Enix currently, officially, doesn't know its own creative talent and valuable IPs from a hole in the wall. I hope that new CEO's busy behind the scenes cleaning up their act and they'll have some sensible releases coming soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.