Better graphics means more problems, says EA exec

Glenn Entis, senior VP and chief visual and technical officer for EA games, has warned that improved graphics on next-gen consoles can mean bigger challenges in other areas of game development.

Speaking at the Montréal Games Summit, Entis said, "As the graphics are getting better, it introduces a lot of new problems that the games industry is just starting to come to grips with.

"And in some cases, although the graphics are great - it certainly grows the market and draws people in - the graphics are creating some problems that as an industry we need to deal with very rapidly."
One of these problems, Entis explained, is that it's hard to believe in a character that looks extremely lifelike if they don't move and behave in realistic ways.

"In Final Fantasy, the modelling fidelity was really better than the motion fidelity," he argued. "In other words, when you looked at the models, they signalled an expectation to the audience that the motion couldn't deliver upon."

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Capt CHAOS4450d ago

That we can expect lousy graphics in future EA product??
Is he like preparing us or something?

Capt CHAOS4450d ago

Make everything look like a cartoon! lol

dutchmole4450d ago

EA You Suck, You're just a bunch of lazy [email protected], looking for any excuse as to why your overrushed and underdeveloped blow. Of course next gen is harder and takes longer to develop for. You would think that if you were so interested in making money that you would come up with a secret plan like where they claim through their process they can cut dev time for next gen in almost half, we'll see....

THWIP4450d ago

...considering Fight Night Rd. 3 has some of the most realistic characters AND movements of any game ever made. These comments, combined with the bullsh*t about Gears not being innovative, are truly bizarre.

THAMMER14450d ago

Are they asking us to not buy EA games. I mean comr on. Look at GOW that game is awesome. And it plays smooth as Halo or Halo 2. Sony and EA are smoking the same stuff.

12Volt4450d ago

EA you piece of crap, how dare you, criticizing square enix, is like an e-machine telling alienware, "you're a peice of crap and you need to be more like me"

Tut4450d ago

lol nice. I literally laughed out loud!

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The story is too old to be commented.