PlayStation Plus Subscribers Tripled Since PS4 Launch

During the conference in which Sony Computer Entertainment Europe announced the PS Vita Slim, General Manager Fergal Gara shown a graph about the progression of the subscriber base of PlayStation plus.

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iGAM3R-VIII1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

Add me to the list, I didn't have PS Plus until I got the PS4 but I've always wanted it before due to all the deals. Now I see why I should have got it way before, it is also an amazing service and I already have saved a lot from it.

Abriael1726d ago

Yeah. I got it a bit before the PS4 requirement was announced and never made a better choice.

Well, maybe I made a couple,m but definitely this is one of the best.

GrizzliS19871726d ago

just platinum'd GT6, still not in need to become a member. Still on ps3 religiously, and wont need PS+ till some heavy hitters hit the PS4.

till then, im perfectly contempt with what i have

sinjonezp1726d ago

Got mines in September of last year with the psvita instant games collection with tge year free plus. That bundle was 199.99. I called every gamestop in my city. Found one that had ONE left because Sony was phasing out that bundle (i guess). But its a great deal and to be able to go back and re download games u put on your list is also something to note. To get the most out of the service is having the ps3 psv and ps4. When you do the math, the amount on free games alone is well into the hundreds plus discounts. Kz on psv was 9 dollars last week, and i cannot wait till February games. I cant stress enough that gamers should get this service.

BattleAxe1726d ago

Of course it's tripled since PS4 came out. It's not like you have a choice if you want to play online....

Army_of_Darkness1725d ago

I'm sure in a year or so everyone with a ps4 will have PS+ ! get the free 3 month trial and your hooked like crack man!... except your actually saving money and it's good for you ;-)
I have not bought a game for months for my ps3!

AceBlazer131725d ago

@Grizzli theps3 is reaping the most of ps+ so i recommend you get it,can never have too many games

TomShoe1725d ago

Finally picked up PS+ after hearing about the requirement, even though I don't have a PS4.

My reaction to not getting this earlier:

All the free games I missed ლ(ಥДಥლ)


Come on man, it's just $50, but you'd probably be better off waiting until it's either on sale, or by buying it off someone for a deal. I got my year of Plus from a guy on NeoGAF for $35. What a steal.

Giul_Xainx1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

I thought that the PS+ Service was inferior because of some kind of server issue? And that the pay wall didn't justify the previous gen being free? And then there was that unknown group that happened in 2000 what ever....

Anyway the PS+ Subscriber base tripling only means TRIPLE TIMES FREE GAMES ON PS+! HELL YEAH!

PS+... PS+riple times the content for your 50 bones.

Can you believe they want 50 bux for the PS+? It should be 200 bux.... Said no gamer ever.

nix1725d ago

i got it last year... i felt so stupid. should have got it before.

almost all the vita games i play are free. recently they gave away Soul Sacrifice. super game.

i'm picking up (second) PS3 just because i know i'm gonna get at Free games every month.

i don't know about the numbers tripling though. could be because they HAD to pay to play multiplayer games. but i think those who subscribed aren't that angry about it considering the constant free games and offers that sony offers.

the thing about PS+ is that you don't realise how good it is unless you get it.

Mr_Writer851725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )


You do know Plus has PS3 games as well?

And you can add PS4 games without a PS4 so say you bought it now you'd get loads of PS3 games to keep you busy then let's say you wait 12 months for a must have PS4 on that day you buy one with your must have game.

You will have 12 more games and even the F2P games.

So the sooner you get plus and the longer you wait for your PS4.

The more games you have.

And you could even add Vita games to that!

You gain now and in the future.

badz1491725d ago

I'm a new subscriber too. didn't get in during the PS3 time as the games on offer in my country kinda suck and I have a huge backlog of games I still haven't finish and PS+ would make it even worst.

bought KZSF Bundle PS4 and it comes with a 2 month PS+ for free and a PSN MYR20 PSN credit. and when I go online on the PS4, there's this 12+3 month of PS+ offer and that's too hard to pass up and it cost like USD40 here! and then OMG...what I thought would happen just happened! my backlog is getting worst! XD that's not even looking at my Steam backlog from all those sales! I can't believe I'm saying this now when I thought it would be impossible years ago when I was still a student: I have too many games!

ravinash1725d ago

If your waiting to get a PS4, then thats even more reason to get PSN+, because it will keep giving you games to play from now till the time you update.

I gone mine nearly two years ago, and most of the games I've play have been through the service. So worth it, and I'm waiting till later in the year to get a PS4...mainly so I have more money and there will be more games out including the current ones at a lower price.

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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1726d ago

Of course it did. Sony only fans were forced to pay for online MP play now. If you want to play COD, BF, KZ and all the rest of the games online against people, you're going to need PSN+

Raider691726d ago

Indeed they have but all free stuff more than pays that;and they dont lock apps and free games under a pay wall like Microsoft!

Eonjay1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

Or, they changed their online payment policy to make it possible to invest in a better network infrastructure; in exchange for free games, monthly mega sales and an opportunity to build completely new streaming services. All the while they've extended free online play to protect the incongruity of FTP titles - and sub based games like Elder Scrolls.

Irishguy951726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

Ironically sony fanboys have been attacking the Xbox for years about 'pay 2 play' on top of your internet connection as if it was a crime against Humanity. However, it's all ok now right? Now they just move onto the fact that MS hold even more stuff hostage than 'just' half of the content on the games you purchase.

Haha, don't kid yourself Treezy, did 2/3's of Ps+ current users just 'decide' it was now a great service? Or did they sign up because they couldn't play online without it?

Haha and then we have some fanboys trying to dodge the bullet "Oh but some games don't require it, only the vast majority of games".

AlphaCentyros1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

No one's being 'forced' ok? It's just supply and demand: people demand online gaming, Sony (and MS) are able to supply it, and they mutually agree on an acceptable (monthly) fee.

No one really cares because in return, Sony is also offering awesome games that are only months old. PS+ offers so much more than what you pay for it, maybe that's why no one complains.

PoSTedUP1726d ago

@irishguy- previous xbox 360 owners jumping ship, too. apparently everyone whants whats sonys gots ;). and that ps+ is just irresistible.

-EvoAnubis-1725d ago

@Irishguy95: PlayStation Plus also gives me free games every month for every PlayStation platform I own. It was worth it for that alone. If in addition to that they also want to put online play behind that same paywall for those that really enjoy playing games online (which I don't outside of co-op games) so that the service can be improved, I'm all for it. Either way, I'm getting my money's worth.

MasterCornholio1725d ago

Let me tell you something interesting son.

PlayStation plus costs 10$ less than Xbox Live Gold and it provides free content across 3 different platforms. This means that every month I have a selection of games for the Vita, PS3 and PS4. This justifies paying plus and even if multiplayer was free on the PS4 I would still have plus.

Mr_Writer851725d ago




War Thunder

And DC Universe

And the AWESOME Instant Game Collection

ALL say Hi :)

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AlphaCentyros1726d ago

Bro I don't even have a PS3 or PS4 (not until next year at least) and even I am considering signing up right now, to save up some free games. Do you get that Sony? I'm willing to pay for your service that I can't access any time soon moment, that's how great you did with PS+.

DarkHeroZX1726d ago

Got to try BioShock infinite and DMC. The fact you get some pretty recent titles for only $49 is a steal, I often have a hard time figuring out how Sony profits off of plus.

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Treezy5041726d ago

Great news, Sony has already proven that the service is worth it by providing great games consistently.

kabala1726d ago

I love ps+ but dont get it twisted. If you want to play online you need it. Its an awesome service but it is what it is

Minato-Namikaze1726d ago

Really? Cause i can play Warframe online without it.

Bathyj1726d ago

Thats true, but its still worth it even if you dont play online.

How do I know? Because I dont play online.

sobekflakmonkey1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

The blind fanboyism on here is just disgusting sometimes.....what kabala said is true, most of the people who bought PS4s also bought games like BF4 and CoD...those games you need PS+ to play online, regardless of F2P games, people have PS+ so they can play games like BF and CoD online...and I think it would be safe to say that it's the reason why the PS+ subs have gone up so far.

Everyone knows PS+ is a good deal, but please...have some your eyes and look at everything for what it is, people had the opportunity to buy PS+ for PS3 and the only reason it didn't do as well on the PS3 was because it wasn't forced to play retail games online...

Some of you really need to do some growing up, this comments section is getting ridiculous.

Edit: Some of you guys have so many bubbles as well as don't even know anymore.

T21725d ago

@sobekflak - you have a problem with people sharing stories about free games they got on plus? What are you so threatened by? Games I have played this year.. Bf3, hitman, sotc, tekkken, dragons d, maxpayne, saints row, bf4, ico, hotline, borderlands . Guess how many of those I paid for? 2!
So what's it to you that people are hyped. Fact - xbl was just a tax on your console, I had it and it was crap. Plus is a service

ravinash1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

@ sobekflakmonkey -
People are just sharing their experiences with PSN+ It's a good service and people are discussing relevant to the topic at hand.

Everyone’s eye are open, they all know what they paid and what their getting for it....I haven't any anyone here saying they paid for the service and are not happy with it!

If you coming into this section saying it's disgusting, I can only assume that you came in here with the intention of being offended.

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SlyGuy1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

I think what sobekflakmonkey is getting it as "Choice".

There is no argument that PSN+ is excellent value. But, I cannot agree with forcing consumers to pay to play online (even though few games are still free to play online).

This practice should have never been adopted and I think they managed to sneak it in this gen and get away with it. From a consumer's standpoint, it would have been better if MS Xbone had adopted Sony's free to play online policy from PS3, but instead Sony partially adopted MS policy of paying to play online. It sets a very bad precedence and, fanboyism aside, is not good for consumers.

thehitman1726d ago

Its a great service with no equal. $30-50 dollars depending on what deals you get for a year sub worth over $1k in free games and even more in discounts.

BenqMagician1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

Wait then what's the official number of PS plus members? There's like what 4.2 million ps4s sold so far. Also if I wanted too become a member of PS Plus is a credit card required too sign up?

Bolts-N-Rays11091726d ago

No, they have cards you can buy at like Gamestop and what not.

Whiskeyjacked871726d ago

Just spiteful this remark is. PS+ is like paying $50 for a library of games.

RIP_Cell1726d ago

the spike is due to PS4 owners now have to pay to play online, the people that see the value in the "free" games would have already been subscribers.

neoandrew1725d ago

This is the only truth, ps4 owners now are forced to pay, online multiiplayer is just a paywall, no way they would triple it without this paywall.

ravinash1725d ago

True, but once they are members, they will see how many games they have access to, and the value only keeps growing over time.

neoandrew1725d ago

Sony can keep their subscription games and give everyone free multi.