New Lost Planet demo on Thanksgiving

Gamers who grabbed Gears of War this week might have noticed a promotional insert in the package that mentioned a new downloadable multiplayer demo of Capcom's Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. However, Capcom representatives wouldn't talk when asked about how soon that demo would hit the Xbox Live Marketplace.

The publisher finally answered that question today with the announcement that the Lost Planet multiplayer demo would be available to download on November 23, Thanksgiving Day in the US. The demo will allow up to 16 players to play on a single map with multiple weapons, robotic combat suits, and four game types.

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BoneMagnus4458d ago

If MP is as good as the SP, it will secure the game as a must-own for me.

Axl Elite4458d ago

I am looking forward to slamming some Turkey, and playing this demo until I fall asleep!

THWIP4458d ago

I STILL play the original demo....the mechs are just too damn sweet.

PS3n3604457d ago

Almost too many first rate shooters now. I played COD2 since christmas with the odd time playing something else. Now I am all over gears I have COD3 still in plastic and this game coming. I feel my marriage is in grave danger.