UK Weekly Chart Week Ending 01/18/2014

PS4 20,657 (-20%) 609,461
XOne 10,644 (-19%) 417,230
3DS 8,486 (-14%) 2,317,126
X360 5,548 (-23%) 8,766,012
PS3 3,772 (-23%) 5,810,507
PSV 2,311 (-17%) 462,066
WiiU 2,146 (-10%) 233,581
Wii 521 (-24%) 8,634,979
PSP 190 (-20%) 4,404,106

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Concertoine3787d ago

once all the fanboys and collectors went out and bought the xbone it lost a lot of momentum. MS needs more games coming to entice consumers.

Sayai jin3787d ago

More games, really?

On topic, overall sales are impressive for the "big 3".

TomShoe3787d ago

And Sony increases their lead, ever so slightly.

mmc-0073787d ago

been saying this for 2 months, once the hardcore xbox fans got their system. The sales will drop, they don't have the one year lead like previous gen.

truefan13787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

You should just stick to talking positively about the ps4, because when you brought up the games point it kind of invalidates your whole argument. MSFT has invested heavily into games this generation and it is showing, I think they have the strongest 2014 lineup. PS are we already saying battle over after 2.5 months. I for one never expected XB1 to outsell ps4, I just want to see the XB1 sell well. I don't even think MSFT cares enough about selling the most, because if they did they would have just undercut the price and put the strangle on Sony. They just want to be profitable and competitive and I am comfortable with that. The Playstation brand is too strong to lose its spot. The only way someone takes over is if Sony messes up.

@mmc-007 the 360 was about shooters, lets be honest. I only played shooters and sports games, did have enough time to invest in others. I don't think that was 100% fair to other gamers though, who like other genres. Those gamers belonged on ps3 because they have always had a wide variety of games.

@Hicken so now its about how MSFT brings the games to their console, my goodness what is it going to be next. Also microsoft is trying to expand its internal development, why is that a problem. Lastly, how are we suffering, in all honestly have many XB1 gamers been upset with their purchase. I think it has been ps4 players upset with our purchase, constantly trying to tell us we overpaid and kinect sucks. Ask any XB1 user about the Xb1 without Kinect, it is easily the second most used feature next to games. We literally talk to our console.

mmc-0073787d ago

where was this heavy investment on the 360? so basically you're happy that MSFT held back those games and released it on the XB1?

Hicken3787d ago

Most of their "heavy investing" has been buying up third party games and securing exclusive content, as they did on the 360. Hell, the majority of the exclusives available on the XB1 are holdovers from the 360.

Granted, there are some promising titles on the horizon, like Quantum Break, but those are few and far between, in all honesty. Microsoft isn't really showing any REAL dedication to gaming, but rather offering lip service to keep people THINKING they're dedicated.

It's a shame, because Xbox fans are the ones suffering the most, but around here at least, they're so busy defending Microsoft from attacks that they don't even notice.

from the beach3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Sony used to buy up all the exclusives, of course, until Microsoft came along and ended that. Bigger fish in the pond.

Lineup for Xbox One this year is utterly supreme and it's hard to see what Sony is going to do to combat it, probably port over some PS3 games.

On topic - 'VG Chartz', lol.

Death3787d ago


How is it Sony sells more PS4's, but Microsoft has sold almost 1 million more games on the Xbox One?Granted this is according to fakechartz...

Be real, Microsoft was holding back in your world. Reality shows Microsoft started reinvesting into their first party studios in 2010. I know you think games are developed in weeks, but it usually takes years. We had a pretty significant recession in 2008 that caused many companies to cut jobs. Microsoft lost quite a few developers due to needed cuts.

Apply your "lip service" arguement to Sony. They are all about games and launched with Knack and Killzone. What has come out since? What was the last triple A PS3 game that hit shelves? We haven't seen anything since Last of Us.

What is a shame is the suffering Xbox fans are buying more games than PS fans. Here's another question you can answer, why is it Xbox fans constantly need to defend attacks from PS fans such as yourself anyway? Maybe you should give the attacks a rest and go buy some games.

maniacmayhem3787d ago

"Microsoft isn't really showing any REAL dedication to gaming,"

What has Sony done but also offer lip service as they continue to say we have great things in the pipeline and yet have shown nothing new.

The shameful part is Hicken actually believes the bile he spits on this site.

Dedicated servers, every Xbox One a dev kit, over a billion spent in games and MS hasn't shown any dedication to gaming?? A new KI, D4, Crimsons Dragon, Ryse, Sunset Overdrive, they BOUGHT the Gears IP, Project Spark, Fable Legends, Quantum Break and others...and no dedication to gaming...???

And this absolute backwards thinking from him and the sony fanboys that 3d party exclusives don't count as real exclusives is just absolute, complete backwards thinking, it's beyond stupid.

MS is securing more titles from different companies for their Xbox user base, instead of waiting for their 1st party devs to turn out games, they have games readily available now. How in the hell are xbox fans suffering?

What kind of insane logic are you trying to pass off here Hicken?

It's a shame that Sony isn't providing great games for you Sony fanboys to keep busy. It's the only reason I see as to why you are so concerned with what the Xbox crowd is doing constantly.

MysticStrummer3787d ago

"How is it Sony sells more PS4's, but Microsoft has sold almost 1 million more games on the Xbox One? Granted this is according to fakechartz…"

Not according to these numbers, fake or not. Are you referring to some other site as "fakechartz"?

Death3787d ago Show
G20WLY3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Death, you've lost it mate and veered off topic. What does USA have to do with this?

It's a UK chart article, so use UK figures, or if you must, worldwide.

UK Software (Retail):
PS4 55,452 (-19%) 1,506,598
XBOne 34,212 (-21%) 1,194,683

Global Software (Retail):
PS4 331,814 (-16%) 10,117,698
XBOne 229,401 (-21%) 8,288,472

Quite impressive, given all the free games (and PS Plus) PS4 offers on top of your standard retail/digital sales.

badaxx3787d ago

Death them numbers look like about 600k not almost a million!!! lol

Ju3787d ago

I guess PS4 users buy quite some software online...vgchartz doesn't track those (see KZ:SF tracked at 1.2M while it sold 2.1 for example, BF stat tracker shows more people playing BF4 on PS4 - do Xboxers play campaign only all of a sudden?).

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Knushwood Butt3787d ago

Replace, 'xbone', with, 'Wii U', and I'd give you an Agree.

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MysticStrummer3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

PS4 is still outselling the more readily available competition in a territory that the competition won handily last generation. MS should be troubled by this but they'll get a boost from Titanfall, though it's hard to say how much of a system seller a three platform game will be.

Edit - Oops. Just saw it's a UK chart so disregard the US talk. Doh!

cooperdnizzle3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

@Death. I don't think ps owners need to go out buy more games. Being as almost everyone of their first party Ips sell very well. And as far as them bleeding money, nope they are no longer bleeding money all of their top execs just got huge bonuses at the first of the year. Santa Monica studios just built a new studio twice the size and are taking on new talent. Sony is getting ready to open up 4 new studios in Europe and for the first time in 6 years Sony is now profitable across the board.

I also believe that M$ have nothing to worry about. There not doing the best they have done but they are not doing bad either. As for games i think both consoles have some good games coming out. And i feel the Sony and M$ are both in a good position to make things happen, and have good promise for 3rd party games and new investors. With sales for both consoles doing as well as they have you will see an abundance of new ip's and new game studios. For the simple fact that the money is there.

Sony though will have the stronger console and better sales this time around. Multi plat games will struggle on the xbox one. Quote me bookmark this comment whatever. The xbox will struggle to hit 1080p. They put a good up scale in there for a reason. The console does not have the right type of ram, strong enough Cpu or strong enough Gpu to out put native 1080p. For last gen games yep they could have hit 1080p. But as there are new AA techniques HBAO and a long laundry list of new improvements they will have to cut corners somewhere. Not to mention three operating systems on the console with a hard infrastructure. Gives devs less time to work out the games core assets and figure out the hard to code xbox one, all at the same time being weaker.

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Fishy Fingers24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

F*** AI

"Hey Copilot, what's a good meme to prove I dislike AI".... https://giphy.com/clips/sou...

Einhander197224d ago

Two trillion dollar company that just can't wait to put as many people possible out of work as fast as possible.

It feels like every single thing they do is making gaming worse and destroying the industry.

24d ago
24d ago
24d ago
darthv7223d ago

....you know it takes people to program the AI.... right? It isnt like it is sentient. We haven't reach skynet level of situation or anywhere close to the matrix just yet.

That's next Thursday.

Einhander197223d ago (Edited 23d ago )

It takes a people to program the AI then that AI is used for who knows how many games eliminating countless jobs which only grows as AI is used for more and more game creation functions.

What you're saying is so ridiculously short sighted and truly larking any kind of understanding and foresight.

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CaptainFaisal23d ago

Why all the hate? Im actually excited about this! Always wanted this kind of immersion, and an AI companion with me all the time helping me out knowing the status of my skills/inventory/progress and giving me tips on the best approach or how to craft something specific is game changing for the industry.

Hate all you want about AI, but this is just the start and I can see the potential already. You wont be complaining in the next 5-10 years about this, but rather complain if a game hasn’t implemented it.

MrDead23d ago

Yes we can't wait for the work of others to be used without the need to pay them so that MS can profit even more from the people they fire.