What drives you to go buying crazy during Steam sales?

SteamFirst: As fan’s of Steam we are just like the millions of you folks out there that get addicted to buying games during their big sales. There are four major ones to speak of; winter, spring, summer and autumn. For me one of the biggest reasons I go buying crazy is due to the low prices. It’s tough to not buy a game that is only a few bucks, especially when there are no expectations involved with how good the game actually is or can be (and yes I know you can just read reviews). But still, even when a game gets meh reviews for a few bucks, you can not go wrong. What we want to know is, what drives you to buy Steam games during their big sale’s? Is it the price? Do you see that 80% or 90% off and say to yourself “I have to have that now!”?

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GizmoFusion2699d ago

Same.. It is the prices!!

Hatsune-Miku2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Well a lot of pc gamers are cheap and don't buy new games so they'd rather wait for the steam sales. It's kind of ironic since a lot of the pc fanatics call console gamers welfare gamers but they barely buy games and would rather wait for steam sales.

Statistics also shows that a lot of the impulse purchased games that happens through steam sales aren't played much.

GizmoFusion2699d ago

So true. I own a few I Havent played yet lol

xPhearR3dx2699d ago

Wait what? We're cheap and don't buy new games? Explain to me why DayZ, Rust and Starbound were all the top sellers during the Steam Winter Sale despite actually not being on sale? DayZ alone was the #1 selling game, each and every day of the sale while being full priced at $30.

DayZ sold 1 million since release (little over a month ago), Rust has sold 500,000 in 5 weeks, and Starbound has sold over 1 million copies. All with no discounts.

And welfare gamers? I've never heard that, but okay.

lickemsacks2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

I buy regular price games all the time.

combatcash2699d ago


The reason most of us wait is not because we are cheap it's because we are not stupid enough to pay 50-60 dollars on day 1 when in just a few short months we can save 50% or more. With console games you're kind of stuck paying the full price because most of the games don't drop in price for around a year.

Einhert2699d ago

Apologies for being a smart buyer

AD7052699d ago

and in the mean time xbots are going batshit insane over the free games they get off of XBL games for gold

Sony fanboys are bragging about all the insane deals, discounts, and free games they get off of paying for PSN PLUS.

So what's so bad about steam again? Is buying games for cheap a bad thing? rich or poor if there Is something I want thats 60 bucks but I can get it somewhere else for lets just say 40 bucks why would I spend an extra 20 on something I can get somewhere else for cheaper?

UnrealThreats2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Do be honest Hatsune, I am a console/pc gamer. I own an average pc and a ps4. I play on which ever one I feel like at the moment. I dont personally go buying-crazy, but I have a few friends that do that are 100% PC gamers. If you were to make a rig and put almost $1000 into it (or more), wouldnt you just go insane buying games? For example, a console gamer would spend $60 to get JUST the newest call of duty, while the PC gamer buys the newest call of duty AND like 2 extra games for $60.

TheRealTedCruz2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Hatsune . . . I am so happy you gabbed your way to one bubble. We need as minimal an amount of such drivel as possible on this site.
Don't you ever feel you have the insight to speak for an entire group of gamers, generalizing them into whatever it is you want them to be to further your bias driven agenda.
If you want to PC game and are just jealous, buy a damn PC already. If you are not, shut up and stop speaking for that which you are not a part of.
Steam allows gamers to pay what they feel a game is worth. That is the beauty of the service. Those sales also allow those without a lot of cash, or those who just aren't interested in the game enough to pay premium, a chance to try the game and feel happy with the purchase; helping to support the developer in the process. Don't even try to peg PC gamers as cheap, because you know damn well if you had access to the same sort of sales on console, you would see the same sort of things happening. At least with these sales the developers are still being supported, unlike on console with the large used game market that in no way supports the developers or publishers. Hell, do you know how common it is for people to wait a weak after launch to buy used just to save five, maybe ten dollars on the game? And then you peg PC gamers as the only cheap ones.

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lickemsacks2699d ago

I bought a lot day 1 but also wait for some for sales.

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Transporter472699d ago

Didn't buy any, why buy something that i'm not going to play right away, still have a huge yeah

Iltapalanyymi2699d ago

I do not buy anything from steam since you dont own the games anyway.

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