Lara Croft is a Great Representation of Women in Video Games

In this editorial, Gaming Precision managing editor Esteban Cuevas defends Lara Croft as a representation of women in video games.

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kx111774d ago

i don't think women approve her body odor after swimming in mud and living for weeks without showering so i disagree

LinkOnABoat1774d ago

Women want triangle boobs and fish faces?

KonsoruMasuta1774d ago

They better bring back her shorts in the sequel to the reboot.

kratos171774d ago

I don't because then I will be distracted by "dat ass". lol

Darrius Cole1774d ago

The author made a mistake on one of his foundation arguments. That mistake is throwing his conclusions off. He said,

"Many women are portrayed in video games – and most other media – as being petite and beautiful. This is because this is typically the fantasy goal for women, as perceived by pop culture society."

That is incorrect. That is the goal a for women as defined by women. Nobody tells women that they should be petite and beautiful, women figure that out all on their own. Women spend FAR more money and time on being "petite and beautiful" then men spend on being strong and aggressive.

As far as Laura Croft goes, she is a unicorn, like Wonder Woman. Women actually do want to be beautiful. They don't really want to go around beating the crap out of men.

Oh yeah, the Laura from the latest Tomb Raider game is quite attractive. She just doesn't have giant breast and tiny shorts. But most real-life women don't have dimensions like that unless they're really hot.

kB01774d ago

I think she's definitely a strong woman figure, and no where near as sexualized as others (bayonetta, dead or alive...)

Although lets be honest, both men and women are very sexualized in their own manner in video games...I mean each dude we usually see is either good looking and proper body or ugly with proper body or ugly with ugly body + very really sexy is everywhere in one shape or form, just depends what people are into lol.

Either way I'd prob put Faith from Mirror's edge as a good representation. She's definitely undersexualized (with exception of her gorgeous face and kick ass tattoo).

She's by far the most immersive female character I've ever played.

I usually cannot play games where the female is the main character because I cannot immerse myself (which i'm sure is very tough on girl gamers in the vice versa situation).

Faith and a few others I can't remember have made me play it too the end:)

To this day I always have my Mirror's edge run through days:)

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