Nintendo: "We haven't been Targeting Children Enough;" Thinking How to Make Company Stand up Again

During a conference held in Osaka this morning Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata mentioned that he’s “thinking on how to rebuild Nintendo”

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ZodTheRipper1817d ago

lol wut
They've been targeting children and families too much which alienated the real gamers in the first place. And now they even lost the casuals with the Wii U.
Go home Nintendo, you're drunk as ****.

herbs1817d ago

Shows just how out of touch Nintendo (Iwata) has become :(

ABizzel11817d ago

Unfortunately I have to agree. Nintendo is a lost cause in the console business.

Their console sales have been on the decline EVERY generation except for the Wii. At this point they need to simply make handhelds and focus on that.

There's no helping or saving them when they have people in Executive Management Positions who don't understand World Market.

thorstein1817d ago

To an extent. How many true Pokemon game are out for the Wii and Wii U? Those games have done well on the DS and 3DS, but could just have easily been translated to a bigger screen.

1 zelda per system (unless it is handheld.) Where is the new Super Mario Galaxy game? Is there one? SMG and SMG2 were amazing.

There is some truth here, but it is more like:

"We haven't been targeting ANYONE"

xxShadow-Shockxx1817d ago

haha, thats what i was just saying to myself

webeblazing1817d ago


-Foxtrot1817d ago

Yet people are STILL defending this guy

COME ON, this proves the Wii U can't turn around with him still running things.

LOL_WUT1817d ago

With the way they've been doing things and now with this nonsense it wouldn't surprise me if they went bankrupt ;)

Concertoine1816d ago

Ive heard this is a mistranslation for "targetting children isnt enough". Dear god i hope. There seems to be speculation about it now.

DragonKnight1816d ago

I literally said "WHAT?!" When I saw the title.

I hope that that's a translation error. If Nintendo thinks targeting children is going to help the Wii U, they may as well pack up and take their ball home now.

Iwata already took a 50% pay cut, at this rate he'll be fired.

Abriael1816d ago

it's not a translation mistake. It has been checked with multiple native speakers and confirmed by more on NeoGAF

zeee1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

Yes, targeting children is not enough but this time, it is not just about who they are targeting. They have failed big time at the tech level. Their console is the weakest of all and I have no idea what they were thinking when they decided the specs aaaannd the name of Wii U. Seriously, Wii 2 could have been even better.

The board of directors at Nintendo should SERIOUSLY consider replacing their CEO.

Look how Kaz has turned around Sony. Yes, they are not out of the woods yet but they are on the path of recovery. Similarly, T-Mobile did the same and got some fantastic results.

I understand that it can backfire like it did for JCPenny but then again, this is clearly not working and I don't see any other way out for Nintendo but to change the leadership ASAP. They need to bring someone who is more in touch with reality. I'd HATE to see Nintendo pull a SEGA. Seriously, we need competition!

DarthZoolu1816d ago

I think people are wrong about the hardware and they don't need more 3rd party support. They need to age some of their beloved franchises. Zelda and Metroid need to be made for adults. They also need to be made to meet today's gaming standards. Both need to be super epic, mature, with massive world's and Metroid needs online co-op. They could beat every one if they would just listen to what gamers want from them. If they made that Future Zelda that was rumored a few years back gamers would flock. Gamepad could be cool as he'll if they used it in an awesome way (I have no ideas). Them targeting kids has always been the problem.

miyamoto1816d ago

I have been talking about this kiddie games thing for the longest time and Nintendo fans here at N4G are offended by that fact and bubble me down like crazy.

And now Mr. Iwata says Nintendo's effort to make more kiddie games are still not enough????

I really love the feeling that I have never been proven more right than ever specially officially and royally by Nintendo CEO and President himself.

Damn! I hate being right all the time.

Kiddie games are Nintendo's strength and weakness at the same time.
Kiddie games are Nintendo's game and their specialty and they are the only ones who will do what they do best.
Sony won't do it. Only Nintendo will.
Sony is for hardcore games.
Nintendo is for kiddie games.
And that is just fine.
They both can coexist.

SilentNegotiator1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

Me, having read that headline:

...any lost fanboys still want to debate the need to replace Iwata?

UltraNova1816d ago

Jesus Christ they are serious...

R.I.P. Nintendo

ShinMaster1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )


When it comes to marketing, EVERY commercial for the Wii U, 3DS and Wii have been targeting children and/or children with their parents.

Here's what Japanese gamers are saying:

v6volume1816d ago

I immediately thought "pedophile" when I read the title lol

gaffyh1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

Iwata needs to take a 100% price cut and GTFO. The Wii was a fluke, that fluke will never happen again unless you make gaming even easier than Wii waggle for casuals, and is as cheap. Even then, third parties will not be happy because their software doesn't sell, so you will always have a competitor who focuses on the gamers raking it in from royalties, and eventually any casual that graduates to be an actual gamer will transfer over to one of these consoles. Yes, a few might stay for a while, but decades of Mario milking gets tired.

Also before anyone says it, Wario, Luigi and Yoshi is also Mario milking. And if they made a Princess Peach game it would also be.

mewhy321816d ago

kids have been the bread and butter of Nintendo for years now. I hope that they can get back on track.

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jonboi241817d ago

Wait, what?!?! SMH! Marketing the Wii U to kids is not the solution but the problem. Why won't Nintendo understand the Wii was a fluke phenomenon. Stop trying to repeat it's success. Kids have moved on from the Wii and so should you guys.

DC7771817d ago

Unfortunately things have changed and a lot more "kids" are popping heads in COD thanks to ever growing crappy parenting so don't waste your time Iwata.

7uff11816d ago

He actually said that targetting children wasn't enough to make Wii U sell a lot of units.
Someone update this please.

Abriael1816d ago

No. It's not. It has been checked with multiple native Japanese speakers and confirmed by more on NeoGAF.

Your interpretation is incorrect.

Abriael1816d ago

@7uff1: yeah, the writer on Gaminrealm doesn't know a word of Japanese. I do. And in the neogaf link I provided there are plenty Japanese native speakers confirm my translation.

His translation is wrong and his article is fake. Mine is correct.

sherimae24131816d ago

dont post wrong mistranslations
i can speak/read japanese too and iwata really said that!

dont try to defend ninty ok, iwata even admits the wii u is not in good shape

7uff11816d ago

@Abriael and @sherimae2413

I agree Wii U is not in good shape. I'm not blindly defending Nintendo, gaminrealm did NOT translated it by themselves, they had lot of sources, and it's not only about gaminrealm.
(tweets related to the first image)

It's a matter of interpretation AND translation, I honestly don't think Nintendo is stupid enough to target children even more than they do.

There are people saying different things everywhere on the internet, so there's no way to be REALLY sure. I respect your opinion and confidence in your japanese, but even google translate translated it to
"approach to children was not enough", meaning they'll have to do more than approach to children, approaching to everyone but focusing on teenagers and adults maybe? Who knows...

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frostypants1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )



imXify1816d ago

Is your face alright sir ?

WiiUsauce1816d ago

I'm sure he's referring to how much kids play games on smartphones. A lot of kids today are growing up playing games mostly on their mom and dad's smartphone or tablet where they're free to a few dollars each.

CertifiedGamer1816d ago

Nintendo is the biggest delusional company in history. They actually believed the 3DS could beat smartphones and tablets. Sony and Microsoft embraced smartphone and tablets while Nintendo tried challenging it.

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dedicatedtogamers1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

One of Nintendo's problems is their pride. They think that when THEY say a game will be a hit, it will be a hit, and they only pay attention to hits if they're hits in Japan.

As such, Nintendo has ignored legitimate phenomenons in the West in favor of just doing what they're doing. This is especially evident when you see how they've ignored indie games for the last decade. Why'd they miss Angry Birds? That should've been a perfect match for the DS. Why'd they miss Minecraft? There STILL isn't a Minecraft port on a Nintendo platform, and they've had years and years to watch the game grow and blossom in popularity. As we've seen with Minecraft on the PS3 (Mojang just announced they sold over 1 million copies on PS3, digital only, in the first month). Heck, why don't they even have a Minecraft CLONE on a Nintendo platform? No Terraria? No Starbound announced?

Oh, but a Japanese indie game (like Cave Story)? Nintendo will promote the heck out of that, won't they?

Christopher1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

I think, for the most part, Nintendo's first party offerings are a hit. The problem is that you require their hardware to play them, and that's what people are not inclined towards.

This is from a person who is not a fan of their first-party games, but can see how well they sell and are talked about.

I do wonder if he means "children" as in <=13 or the coveted 15-24 age range. Most kids who are 11 that I know of are interested in online shooters. I do have a nephew who is in love with Pokemon, but otherwise also plays more mature games than what Nintendo offers.

oof461817d ago

The hockey analogy I've used in another discussion still rings true: Instead of anticipating where the puck will be and moving there, Nintendo seems intent on dictating where the puck will go.

NYC_Gamer1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

The fate of Nintendo in the home console market won't change long as Iwata and company are stuck in motion

Majin-vegeta1817d ago

IMO i think that's Ninty biggest problem.They think children only play games nowadays.So they think they will carry them out.Sooner or later they will just get bored and go to mobile games or some other fad as they get older most will move on too other platforms.

Ninty time to leave this "CHILDREN ONLY PLAY GAMES"Mentality behind and step in to the real world.Or suffer the consequences.

P.S I do not hate Ninty.They just need a slap of reality.

-Foxtrot1817d ago

Trust me...thats not hate, it's called being a concerned fan.

Tough love at the end of the day.

We all did the same to Sony in 2006 and look where they are now.

Concertoine1816d ago

Some people in neogaf are speculating it as a mistranslation saying almost the opposite "targeting children is not enough" to help wii u sales.
I am hoping this is true, and it seems more logical considering they only advertised to kids since launch.
Sony were pretty bad back then. I remember the "120 fps 4D" quote about the ps3 haha

Agent_00_Revan1816d ago

Their strict dedication to target kids and pretty much nothing else is the reason why I walked away from them in the first place. I grew up with Nintendo, the problem was, after the N64, Nintendo didn't grow up with me.

I was ready for bigger and more mature things. Sure, I still enjoyed the Marios and Zeldas, but I also wanted other things. And mature titles weren't very abundant on Nintendo consoles, and only came from 3rd parties. So I moved onto Xbox and Playstation.

WiiUsauce1816d ago

Don't give ne that Nintendo didnt grow up with me bullcrap. After the 64, we got RE4 as an exclusive on the gamecube, Metroid Prime was dark, Zelda Twilight Princess got a T rating, ect ect.

JohnnyTower1817d ago

Try growing up with your gamers Nintendo. The adults are the ones with the money. Make kiddie IPs, great, but Nintendo and I seem to be growing apart after 20-something years.

AKissFromDaddy1817d ago

"The adults are the ones with the money."

LMAO, nothing rings truer.