Mass Effect: Representation of Equality in Gaming?

Yami writes: "Another week, another Twinfinite Discusses. We haven’t changed clothes. Look, let’s move past that part. Let’s focus on the bigger issues that you all sent to us: what is the key to true equal representation in video games? We talked a lot about Mass Effect for that one, it’s pretty flawless. Other topics include video games in libraries, what genres need massive overhauls, and my tiny dinosaur arms. See you next Tuesday!"

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deafdani2637d ago

I'm deaf, so I don't know exactly what does they mean by equality. But if they mean, equality in general terms, regardless of gender, age, sexual preferences, race, etc, I think the Saints Row series takes the crown and run with it.

Mass Effect does a nice job at it, too, but it doesn't really come close to Saints Row.

pandehz2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

Mass Effect is spot on.

From character customization(colour/gender etc) to how inter species (sort of example of different kinds of people in the world) characters are presented and stories are played.

Also lol Mass Effects quanity of sleeping does not mean anything. Its just game limitations. They cannot create a fully REAL REAL WORLD. But yea Mass Effect is terrific in terms of equality

Also good example that Miranda may have a super sexualised look but again she is independent strong and can almost be equal to main characters in the story including shepherd.

Btw death in movies and games go in this order.

1.Black dude
2.Asian dude
3.Russian dude.

Off Topic:
A more important question here is 'Why was there no black or asians in LOTR?'