Golden Axe Screenshots

Here are some Golden Axe screenshots from the E3 trailer that was shown behind closed doors. Image quality is not the best but it should be enough to get you excited. The game is headed for both PS3 and Xbox 360.  Scroll down to the story image section to view the screens.




Baszs6608d ago

is this ingame or not.. looks good though!

PS360PCROCKS6608d ago

eat your heart out motorstorm, they are some good looking canyons, lol

JIN KAZAMA6608d ago

Eat your heart out Amped 3(FINISHED VERSION), they are some good looking canyons, lol

PS360PCROCKS6608d ago

Haha yea Amped 3 visually sucked but lol I loved taking the sled and throwing myself down the mountain to millions of dollars in doctors bills, that my friend was amazing and ingenious lol

joemutt6608d ago

I cant make anything out, is that some guy on a horse? I loved the original game, especially those two giants with the hammers, they were tough.