PlayStation 3 launches in Japan

Gamers flocked to stores in Japan today as the long-awaited PlayStation 3 games console finally launches.

Sony's latest addition to the massively successful PlayStation family is being billed as the next generation of home entertainment.

Next week American customers will be able to get their hands on the gadget, but European gamers are being forced to wait until next March after manufacturing problems hampered the company's attempt to pull off a simultaneous worldwide launch.

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calderra4452d ago

Just to confirm something I predicted a year ago...

During the PS3 launch, most media outlets are saying something like:
"The unit also hooks up to the high-definition TV screens that are becoming increasingly popular."

Back during the 360 launch, most media said that same thing, but in a slightly different way...
"To see your new game in all its glory, you're going to need a high definition television [...] the average price these days is around $1,000 [...] You'll also need a surround sound system [...] We'll go easy there and assign $250 [...] Total price: $1,709"
[, archived at

Same idea, phrased just a liiiitle bit different.

Krimson4452d ago

The Xbox 360 had to break the ice. People were griping about how you had to buy a new TV. Now people are griping about how the Wii is not HD :P

kmis874451d ago

HD TV's have become much more popular in the past year alone, partly thanks to the 360.