Low-priced first-party games for the PS3 are here to stay

PS3Sony may have been marred by bad publicity, but come to think of it, bad publicity is still publicity and free face time is always good, we suppose. So let's stop the sulking and focus on that bright side of the bargain.

The Japanese PS3 that will be released tomorrow has surprisingly low software prices. Launch titles such as Resistance: Fall of Man and Genji: Days of the Blade will be carrying a price tag of 5,980 Japanese Yen (roughly US$51).

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OutpostCommand4449d ago

Wow ! Thats really damn cheap-
lets hope thats the prices the US and UK will get too though.

calderra4449d ago

Standard disclaimer: HOW IS SONY GOING TO PAY FOR THIS?
-BluRay discs are much more expensive than 360's discs. Even on the scale of mass production, they're still taking a hit.
-PS3 is a LOT more expensive to develop for. While most companies cite a $20million+ investment to make a game on PS3, the team behind Gears of War recently cited a figure of $10mil to complete their game.

It's great that they pushed a solid price tag and all, but alongside other price cuts and financial worries, this is just another figure that's going to destroy Sony's bottom line.

Maybe they're hoping to sell a LOT of games at a razor-thin margin?

Silver Bull3t4449d ago

Hopefully this forces M$ to drop the price of 360 software to a reasonable level...

kmis874449d ago

Microsoft already charges $50 for most first party games. It's the third parties that set the $60 price point.

PS3n3604449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

This would force game prices to drop across all platfoms so kudos to Sony for that as long as it doesnt force developers to cut corners. There are always deals around. I bought Gears and COD3 bundled at bestbuy yesterday for $99 canadian so thats about $85 US. Smokin good deal for two of the best games going at the moment. At the end of the day game prices should vary cause a AAA game should cost more than a B title

Dlacy13g4449d ago

Hell I traded two games in and still payed $77 for both after trade in. Where did you find that deal?

DJ4449d ago

A Blu-ray disc costs about ten cents more to manufacture than a DVD. That's it. It's the new production equipment that costs money, but that's a short term cost for a long term investment.

FeralPhoenix4449d ago

Well if Sony wants to make them more affordable, thats good for the consumer...I'm sure they must know that they will make a profit.....personally I'm not worried their finances, so its good news to me.

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