Arma 3 survival-horror mod 2017 releases new trailer

A new in-development mod for Arma 3 called 2017 looks like an altogether grim take on the future of humanity. Planned as a full-conversion of Arma 3 and its giant Altis map, 2017 has a new teaser trailer this week that gives us some good insight into the mod's post-apocalyptic atmosphere.


DayZ 2 In Development, Court Document Reveals

A new document from Microsoft and FTC's legal battle reveals that DayZ 2 is currently under development at Bohemia Interactive.

mastershredder380d ago

Bohemia can suck it with their Day Z cash-ins. So nice that they did a bait and switch before Day Z hit PS5.


10 Best Simulation Games

GF365: "Simulation games have their own unique charm that draws players in. Here are our picks for the best simulation games available today."

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Bohemia’s war against Arma 3’s misinformation misuse

From GI.biz: "Back in October, a video clip started doing the rounds on social media, showing what appeared to be the Ukrainian artillery attacking Russian tanks. The footage was shared thousands of times across social media platforms.

There was just one small problem; the footage in question was not real.

It was, in fact, a video of gameplay from Arma 3, a military simulation title made by Czech studio Bohemia Interactive.

This is far from the first time the game has been used to fake footage of warzones. In the past, Arma 3 has been used to spoof videos of conflicts in Afghanistan and Syria, as well as military action between Israel and Palestine. It’s even been used to fake videos of a fictional war between India and Pakistan. This isn’t even the first time that footage of the Ukrainian war has actually turned out to be Arma 3 footage."

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Inverno545d ago

When these videos make their way into mainstream news it just shows me how incompetent these networks are. You could blame YouTubers, click bait titles, you could try to do something about it as the dev, but these are huge news networks with a lot of money poured into em and hundreds of employees. Perhaps if they weren't so set on being first they'd ensure that they aren't putting out fake footage as often as they do.