Top 10 Xbox Original Sequels/Reboots We’re Dying To See On The Xbox One

John Finch writes: "We’re a couple months into the lives of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. What has determined much of the early showdown between these two consoles is which do you buy? For most, the two consoles are mutually exclusive, and exclusive titles are the deciding factors. The Xbox One may not have matched Sony’s early console sales, but both consoles sold exceptionally well. If Sony and Microsoft want to keep that momentum going they’ll have to continue supplying original titles, and SpawnFirst has a list of some of the original Xbox’s best to bring back."

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AngelicIceDiamond3225d ago

Shenmue will most likely be a Sony exclusive.

I wanna see Jade Empire, Phantom Dust, Advent Rising, Alter Echo and Otogi 3 get revived or rebooted.

xDHAV0K24x3225d ago

why would it "most likely" be a sony exclusive?

AngelicIceDiamond3224d ago

This here.

An E3 announcement should be suitable for it if it happens.

creatchee3224d ago

Making Shenmue an exclusive to either system would be foolish - the game isn't a sales giant (despite the fact that seemingly everyone on the internet has played it) and they would need all of the money they could get if their budget on the game is anywhere as ridiculous as it was on the first two.

christocolus3225d ago

Pgr, shenmue, jade empire and star wars:kotor would be great, but ill rather go for fuzion frenzy, blinx, otogi, pgr, mechassault ,conker, shenmue,star wars:kotor , jade empire, kung fu chaos, rallisport and blood wake.

karamsoul3224d ago

ahhhhh Rallisport. That was such an awesome game.

christocolus3224d ago

I put so much time into that game. It was amazing.

headblackman3224d ago

i wanna see another brute force along with a number of those games that everyone else just listed