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GamerFitnation: "The last DLC for Bioshock Infinite is finally materializing out of the endless multiverse of lighthouses. Yes, Burial at Sea Episode Two has its trailer. Contains either SPOILERS from Infinite's Ending and Episode One or simply really confusing stuff, depending on how much you know."

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-Foxtrot1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago ) brain hurts even more now


So if Booker we played in Infinite was killed (or was he?) and the version of Comstock in an alternative universe of Columbia was the person we played in the first DLC who is shown of the floor being dragged away then what version of Booker is Elizabeth looking at. Is he a ghost, her conscience, he powers or is it the original Booker hinting that despite being drowned is still the end of Infinite you did see him in his room with Anna crying in her bedroom.

Seriously I hope Ken Levine comes out after this with a massive Q&A and answers all these questions so we are on track with the story all ready to go for the next game. I want him to say how and why there is still Comstocks out there if the whole point of killing our Booker off was to stop Comstock from happening all together, I'm guessing she's went rouge and is killing the ones still alive herself.

What about Rapture it's this the same version of Rapture from Bioshock or it an alternative version of Rapture, meaning were Comstock and Elizabeth there when we were playing Jack and are they the ones who caused Atlus to get free to start his uprising setting events in motion.

I guess the guy she is seeing is her Booker, the one we played in Infinite because she calls him Booker not Mr Dewitt and he's playing the guitar linking into the song they did in Infinite.

Zermeno_901725d ago

It's called bad writing.

-Foxtrot1725d ago

I'll only call it bad writting if the DLC leaves more questions then answers since after this DLC that's more Bioshock until the next game and I'm guessing it won't be Bioshock Infinite 2 it will be a different game which moves onto a different setting. So these answers NEED to be in the DLC since I'm guessing the next game will raise even more questions

Like Elizabeth says

"There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city"

So I'm guessing we'll see a new character, a new city and different themes.

Blacklash931725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )


Let's be honest. Despite all the speculation and assertions, none of us are exactly sure what happened in that ending.

We don't know if she erased herself. Or if she ended the current Booker, his past self where he chose to become Comstock, or both in that scene. We don't know if drowning Booker at his baptism erased Columbia entirely, or just erased created new timelines where Anna was safe. There was no technical exposition.

All we know is that Elizabeth drowned Booker/Comstock in the past, which is in some way going to stamp out Comstock and prevent Anna from being kidnapped. In some way.

Until we get solid answers of where Burial at Sea takes place in relation to the main game, what Elizabeth's intentions are with what she's doing with Sally and Rapture's Comstock, and how it all relates to the ending we'll remain in the dark. Episode 1 did nothing meaningful with the story beyond the intro until the last 30 seconds, so that was no help.