Xbox Fitness hosts nearly 1.5M workouts in two months, looks to other platforms

The Xbox One has been home to nearly a million and a half virtual workouts since the console launched in November, thanks to the Xbox Fitness app, according to Microsoft.

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

thats it???

so half the ppl only tried the workouts once assuming 3 million xbox sold to date

*i guess the two pl under me that responded are correct i compared them to me i go everyday.. gamers are different

ElementX1816d ago

I really don't think fitness is on gamers' minds when they buy a console. I think that's a good number. I still have to check it out.


"I really don't think fitness is on gamers' minds when they buy a console. I think that's a good number. I still have to check it out."

I agree with your statement. These are good numbers.

Wikkid6661815d ago

I checked it out... haven't tried them, but there is a ton of free workouts.

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UltimateMaster1815d ago

Isn't free when you have the Xbox One?

jetlian1815d ago

I did like 5 yesterday, getting into it now

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LOGICWINS1815d ago

Damn, the XB1 really lives up to that "all-in-one" promise. Good on them.

gnothe11815d ago

MS stance was this..."no matter what your doing THINK OF XBOX"..If you wanna work tv or Skype...think because of this its why I use my xbox 90% more than my ps4... when I want a change up I play my PS4...other than that im on my xbox...not saying xbox is a better system...but since I can do everything I want to in one suits MY ive used the workout program only once..

mcstorm1815d ago

Your spot on there I've not used the work out side of my Xbox one but I use it for my TV, catch up skipping, music, showing off my pics on skydrive they just need to add dlna browsing servers for videos and it takes that function from my TV and I also use it for games. My wiiu is just used for games.

KingDadXVI1815d ago

Same here. I haven't used if for the exercise app but everything else. Still game on the 360, PS3 and WiiU but the Xbox One sees way more use.

I think that they really want to capture that IPhone type ecosystem where the Xbox and MS just seem like another part of your everyday life and only 2 months in they are making a good go of it.

mcstorm1815d ago

I agree. I'm looking forward to getting the Xbox guide here in the uk and I'm sure year on year it will be improved like the 360 was. Don't get me wrong I love the wiiu and I will pickup a ps4 when it has the games I'm interested in but for me the Xbox one dose not deserve half the bad press it gets. Yes the console is not as powerful as the ps4 but to me that dose not matter and has never mattered to me its about the games I want and the services it offers and for me at this moment in time nothing rivals it.

Eonjay1815d ago

If I had an Xbox I would definitely take advantage of this. I like the fact that the Kinect tells you what body parts are being worked out and calories burned.

XtraTrstrL1815d ago

Yeah, that is cool. That's the one thing that I envy about the X1, the power of the Kinect. Other than that, I don't regret going with the PS4.

Death1815d ago

The programs work surprisingly well. I used it a handfull of times launch week and haven't had much time since. My wife liked it more than I did, but the way I have my room setup where the Xbox One is, it's not the easiest to use for workouts.

Volkama1815d ago

It doesn't just tell you what you're working, it also points out what you should be working harder. I find it really does help you get the most out of the established programs.

I've done my share of the 1.5million, currently on my mover 2 stamp card :-)

kewlkat0071815d ago

Damn..I've been lazy to take advantage..

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