Will Internet Browsing Make a Difference in the Console Wars?

For the first time in the history of game consoles, each respective console is truly stepping out of the role of simply playing video games on a TV.

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m234457d ago

I don't really care about internet browsing on the consoles. I like going on the computer and doing it just because its easier.
Just a quick question, is it possible for a virus to get into your console if you are browsing the internet?

kmis874457d ago

It would have to be some sort of weird virus specially designed to utilize the consoles' unique os and bypass the console's protection against unsigned code. It's not likely at all.

DEIx15x84457d ago

Simple answer is yes. Just like with the PC and Mac a virus is scripted for the platform that it wants to attack. That is why a windows virus only attacks windows. Someone would have to create a virus scripted for the PS3 and then if a ps3 went online it would stand a chance of getting it. The PSP already had viruses, the fake psp updates that people modified to cause the PSP to brick are technically considered a virus so it is very possible for anything that connects to the internet or can run custom scripts (two things the ps3 does) to receive a virus. The only way to really prevent it is to do something like xbox live where the 360 never actually connects to (and can't) anything that is not owned by Microsoft.

THWIP4457d ago it won't......not one bit. If MS feels there's a need/demand for it on the 360, it will be extremely easy to add. Sony is just desperate to make the PS3 look like a PC....which it will NEVER be.

kmis874457d ago

It lines up with Sony and Nintendo's strategies. Nintendo wants to attract people who wouldn't normally buy game consoles, and Sony wants people to make the ps3 their central media thing. So it will make a difference to a segment of the target demographic, but not all people will think it's important.

Theonetheonly4457d ago

guys you know this is microsoft. i am absolutely sure that if it for some weird reason came down to that microsoft would just develop a browser dashboard update and release it.

i mean, its microsoft what do you expect

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The story is too old to be commented.