They've Turned A Classic JRPG Into An Always-Online, Free-To-Play Joke

Last week Namco Bandai quietly released the English version of classic 1995 JRPG Tales of Phantasia onto iTunes. It's just like the fully-voiced PSP version of the game, only with sloppy touch controls, in-app purchases, fewer save points and an always-online requirement. Can we not do this?

Snookies123825d ago

You don't have to play it this way. Just go play the original or something.

Godmars2903825d ago

The point is that everyone who does play this version, spends money on it, will encourage further such efforts. Effect how games are generally made.

BlackWolf3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

There's also the PlayStation, Game Boy Advance and PSP versions. There are many choices before... this... I don't know what to call it.

amywelshcastle3825d ago

When I first saw this announced I was excited for the split second it took for me to realise it would be full of micro-transactions. The always online requirement is just a kick in the teeth.

Chrono3824d ago

It is possible to finish the game without any micro transactions. They are there to make the game easier. The player needs to be online for saving the game only, but they can play offline when they don't need to save. For the price of $0.00 I don't think this is a bad deal especially considering this version (based on the PSP one) was never available in English.

Hicken3824d ago

Filling it with microtransactions is ALWAYS a bad deal. It wasn't something the original game needed; what makes it necessary now?

Why does the game need to be easier? Aren't things easy enough these days? Who complained about games back in the day being hard?

All I can see this as is a cash grab, which is really disappointing because I'm generally supportive of Namdai's stuff.

SpiralTear3825d ago

Never thought I'd see the day that a JRPG from 1995 would need to be played with a constant online connection present.


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Vits1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

I would love some collections of older titles. A PC/Console port of Tales of Innocence would also be very nice.

autobotdan1305d ago

Tales of Desiny 1&2 4k collection would be nice

Vits1305d ago

For those I would like more a remake.

autobotdan1305d ago

Unfortunately both those games already had official Namco remakes on Playstation 2. They were Japan exclusives. Your talking about a 2nd Remake of the Playstation 2 Remakes? Haha Lol

Einhander19711305d ago

A new Ridge racer would be great, PS5 please.

autobotdan1305d ago

Tekken 8 please without any of the over the top crazy guest characters. Tekken doesn't need the Walking Dead tv show characters. And it doesn't need Robocop or Terminator lol


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PhoenixUp1811d ago

I’ve been hooked on the series ever since playing Tales of Xillia

jznrpg1811d ago

I hope they remaster or port a lot of the older games of the series to PS4/PS5

Immagaiden1811d ago

“Tales series is considered one of the top three Japanese RPG series next to RPG giants like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy.”

How you gonna talk about the top three JRPG franchises and not mention Pokémon, the top selling series in the genre?

This is how the top JRPG series stack up

1. Pokémon - 340M
2. Final Fantasy - 144M
3. Dragon Quest - 78M
4. Monster Hunter - 52M
5. Kingdom Hearts - 30M
6. Souls - 25M
7. Tales of - 20M


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