PS Plus EU February Update + Trophy Breakdown

The new games coming to PS plus this month have been announced and we break it down for you trophy hunters

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DigitalHope2693d ago

I cannot wait to play Outlast. Very few games actually scare me these days, last one was Dead Space 2.

However when I watched the video that IGN did about all their reactions, just watching the gameplay I jumped numerous times. Can't wait to play with the lights out and surround sound going.

Buy pack of Depends.......check

davequirky2693d ago

It definitely seems to be a good horror game, will be defo adding this to my download list and i just need to get a PS4 and ill be sorted.

moujahed2693d ago

I want to play Outlast with my lady who enjoys horror movies. I think this will drastically change her perspective on gaming.

MasterCornholio2693d ago

Can't wait to play Ifinite, Metro and Outlast.

yezz2693d ago

The free game collection for the Ps3 has been amazing. Hopefully it will be as good for the Ps4..

Kivespussi2693d ago

Goddamnit... Looks like I'll be deleting some old games from my PS3 AGAIN! Curse you sony!