Thief achievement asks you not to rush through the game

Eurogamer: "Award unlocks when you finish 'in 15 hours or more'."

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Excalibur3225d ago

As long as they give me plenty to see and do along the way I have no problem with it as i like to take my time anyway.

Raf1k13225d ago

Same here.

I'll be taking my time with this regardless. Having first person view in a stealth game takes the sneaking to a whole other level since you actually have to peek around corners and listen for telltale sounds of guards.

It's been a while since I couldn't wait to get my hands on a game. Not even GTA V got me this anxious as I've had a massive itch for a good stealth game. Playing stealthy in Skyrim and Splinter Cell just weren't enough.

Dirtnapstor3225d ago

Agreed. I like to spend plenty of time in the worlds created, there's so much to see (an hopefully do). My way of appreciating all the hard work the developers put into the game, or any game for that matter...

Kyosuke_Sanada3225d ago

Reminds me of Battlefield Bad Company's "Destroy 10,000 trees" trophy. This shouldn't have been made.......

Christopher3225d ago

Achievement/Trophy hunters do this. Company claims most gamers take more than 15 hours to complete the game for those that have completed it.

Well played.

Meltic3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

he said 1 hour per chapter and there is 4 chapters 4 hours in those chapters. So what should we do in those 11 hours. Just run on top of the Buildings and knock out guards?. I Heard that the side missions isnt really missions. Its mini games...

UnHoly_One3225d ago

You're saying the whole game is only about 4 hours long???

Meltic3225d ago

yes it is. The ign have played the game whole game and he said it took him 4 hours to play. And there is 4 chapters. 1 hour per chapter. There was some small side quests in Town in thief but i Think he said it was gaming. Like dart and card games if im not mistaking. So this game isnt Worth my wallet. I will hold on until march :).

MajorLazer3225d ago

Big dissapointment! Does not deserve the Thief name

levian3225d ago

Wow that leaves me terribly sad. Now this will definitely not be a day one purchase. No game that is under 10 hours long deserves a full $60 no matter how good it looks. Will definitely wait until it's $20-$30

isa_scout3225d ago

No it is not. The ign editor said he played it four hours, an hour for each of the first four chapters. This is a copy and paste of the editors last paragraph in question...I did translate it for you though:
"I really had fun with the four (hours)chapters I played. I can not wait until I have access to the game and more time to explore. The story took off where I stopped playing, and it will be interesting to see if it can break the familiar template it started with. My guess is that new players who like to play more brutal can enjoy this part but the experience is worse for the more hardcore fans. You can, however, be calm; stealth is still the alpha and omega of the Thief."

Raf1k13225d ago

Thanks isa_scout for clearing that up.

I did find it odd that it would only be a four hour game.

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CJDUNCAN3225d ago

60 + for a 4 hour game, yeah i'll pass.

DoctorJones3225d ago

It's not a 4 hour game, Meltic doesn't know what he's talking about.

stavrami3225d ago

Man, you come right out a comic book

Somebody3225d ago

If it had fallen into EA's hands they would tell us to pay up in order to rush through the game.

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