Microsoft's Purchase of the Gears of War IP, and What Does the Future Hold? - Sessler's... Something

This week on Sessler's... Something, Adam touches on the recent news of Microsoft buying the rights to the Gears of War franchise. Watch as he discusses what this means for MS, and where Black Tusk Studios may take the future of the franchise.

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dedicatedtogamers2596d ago

Microsoft got a reputation in the latter-half of last gen for "doing nothing except Halo, Gears, Forza, and Fable". This acquisition isn't exactly going to change that impression, but it would've been a terrible blow if Gears went multiplat.

Gabenbrah2596d ago

I'm not too worried, it's great to know MS have the Gears franchise so they can cycle that with their other major franchises (e.g. Halo, Fable, Forza) but they've already announced 6 new IPs; Ryse, D4, Below, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive and Project Spark.

Riderz13372596d ago

Cycle their major franchises? Seriously? What is this, Xbox 360 again? I don't want them to just cycle their 4 exclusive games they have. I understand they have QB and Sunset Overdrive, but those are all third party/second party games. How about Microsoft's first party devs think about making something new for once.

Naughty Dog just did it with TLOU and look at the success...I'm just tired of the same old franchises.

FamilyGuy2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

Money (profit) matters, NaughtyDog sold what, 4 Million or so copies of The Last of Us? (so far) Didn't Uncharted 3 sell like 7 million?

Not saying they shouldn't create new IPs, obviously they should but there is a reason why franchises exist. It's the "safe route", guaranteed profit.

DevilishSix2595d ago

Please correct me if I am wrong Gadenbrah, but I don't think any of those six new IP's are first party games. I want new IP's from first party AAA development houses.

Funantic12596d ago

Sony has a reputation of having no games in the first now. I see no exclusive PS4 games in the near future besides Infamous. And that's only a storymode game. MS has invested way more $$ in games so far. I mean what are you playing Resogun still? And Sony does recycle the same old franchises too...GOW, Uncharted, and Killzone.

Utalkin2me2596d ago

How did your last 4 years of your 360 treat ya?

dedicatedtogamers2596d ago

Setting aside the absolute glut of indie titles, doesn't PS4 also have Drive Club, The Order, and The Witness in 2014, other than just inFamous?

Plus PS4 owners have the best versions of multiplats. I remember a certain fanbase making a reeeeally big deal about that just a few years ago. Has that changed?

starchild2596d ago

The Witness is an indie title. You know.. those games that are prevalent on the PC that you guys always try to downplay.

And The Witness is coming to the PC as well, so by long-held Sony fanboy standards that means it is a multiplatform game that doesn't count as any kind of exclusive for a console.

Oh, and the PC has the best multiplatform games. If visual fidelity and performance were a high priority for you you would be playing all your multiplats on the PC.

FriedGoat2595d ago

I would always get my multiplats on the PC, but things have changed.

I actually prefer getting my multiplats on the PS4 now, because I can play them out of the house on my vita.

Death2595d ago


It was 8 years ago. PS fans were also waving the domination flag before the PS3 launched. When PS3 multiplats under-performed the weak 360 it was very ironic. I'm glad you are enjoying the huge advantage multiplats have this gen on the more powerful PS4. I'm not seeing anyone debating the PS4 has the edge. Not entirely sure why PS4 gamers keep beating a dead horse.

The more powerful console has "better" multiplats so far this gen. Nice job.

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2595d ago
jessupj2596d ago

Probably all the stress that came as a result of his hypocritical stance in regards to the resolutiongate issue.

bganci2596d ago

I wish they would have stuck to the original IP. I was extremely intrigued with what they were working on. This is sad news for me. I'm glad they own gears but i wish it wasn't black tusk.

OpieWinston2595d ago

They've been working on the original IP since 2010... They aren't abandoning the game at all. They'll be developing BOTH IPs. It's not so much of a leap to say that...After all the people Black Tusk has been hiring. Microsoft has been planning to open more First Party studios.

MysticStrummer2596d ago

I used to really like Sessler, even though he was clearly a 360 guy and I was on PS3, but when he reversed course on 1080p I lost all respect.

OpieWinston2595d ago

Because you're a resolution whore? Poor kid...Where were you in the PS1/N64/Dreamcast days?
All these kids who think that Resolution is a deciding factor in a game...You should invest in a good PC because you would LOVE running games on 4k.
Course you kids are super broke, right?

MysticStrummer2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

lol No, because he originally said that next gen games should be 1080p as a standard, and then changed his mind when it became apparent that XB1 wouldn't be hitting that target as often.

Before these new consoles were ever announced, I said we had reached a "good enough"point with graphics and that I'd rather see improvements to things like AI and animations than to go up in resolution just for the sake of doing it. 720p was fine with me last gen. The only reason it's an issue now is because the cheaper console appears more capable of achieving it on a regular basis.

I've tried PC gaming several times through my gaming years, but I prefer consoles despite PC's better visuals.

As for being super broke, I could go into detail why that's a joke but there's no point in bragging.

Put away your Jump to Conclusions mat before you hurt yourself, kid. I'm very likely to be older than you. I've only been console gaming since before the Atari 2600, after all.

Grimhammer002596d ago

It feels a little like their reeling from all the negative press and looking to former glory.

If your on top and everything is looking up roses and you announce sequels to great franchises you own. That's one thing.
If your hurting on a number of fronts, with sales less than direct competitor, have no titles that justify forced kinect, have a disproportionate leaning on third party money hatting.....

So yes this is both great news, and troubling news for those willing to see through their fan-coloured glasses.

Death2595d ago

"Money hatting". It's fun to see a billion dollar investment for exclusive content be spun into a negative.

What's the term for buying out studios to create your first party? With the exception of a small handful of studios, Sony bought their IP's outright when they bought the studios creating them. How is this better than working with third parties without a hostile takeover?

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