Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s Kickstarter Success Should be An Eye Opener for Publishers

OnlySP: Kingdom Come: Deliverance is the little game that could. It completely knocked its Kickstarter goals out of the park and it is continuing to surpass its funding with more and more donations every day. The title received all of its funding through an investor and through Kickstarter but was never picked up by any publisher, despite the massive interest in the game. The reason behind this was that the game was considered too difficult to market and it wouldn’t be worth the effort of investing because “People want wizards and dragons” but maybe it’s time that publishers realise they ought to be taking more risks with projects and Kingdom Come: Deliverance is their wake up call.

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jay22085d ago

It's not cod, BF, GTA or GT, it'll fail.... That's what they're all thinking.

JEECE2085d ago

I think it's more that it isn't Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, or The Witcher, but yeah, same idea.

I'm just annoyed that the earliest I'll be able to get this game is the end of NEXT year. If they don't bring it to PS4 (they hope to do so, fingers crossed) then I'll need to upgrade my PC before then (although there will probably be plenty of other reasons to upgrade by that time).

AceofStaves2085d ago

I'm looking forward to seeing more of this title.

DigitalRaptor2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

It should also be an eye opener for those who enjoy downplaying indie development, and indie games. It shows that gamers care about unique and original concepts that deserve the light of day.

Kingdom Come is not the first project that has been green-lighted through nothing more than a dedicated, hard-working team and a passionate fan base.