New Battlefield 4 PS3/PS4 Patch Coming in January or February, Upcoming Vehicle Tweaks Detailed

In DICE’s ongoing quest to improve the multiplayer aspects of Battlefield 4, they took to the Battlelog today and announced that we can expect the next patch on all platforms to go live at the “end of January/beginning of February,” but the timing is subject to change. - PSLS

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JoGam2702d ago

Does anyone else experience on the PS4 version shooting a enemy soldier and that soldier has a remaining 0% health and is still alive?

Shadonic2702d ago

Yes I do all the time, very annoying. Hear anything about a party system being put in ? I dont understand how a small studio like undead labs has the ability to put in co-op but Dice doesn't have the ability to implement a party system something thats pretty standerd in any game with MP on Consoles.

Utalkin2me2702d ago

Yes i do, i am still rubber banding in CQ mode. What gives, aarrrrrgggghhh.

Shakengandulf2702d ago

Yep, i've captured atleast 10 pictures of this happening.

brich2332702d ago

It came with the last patch on Xbox one also, its just a glitch and you should just ignore it and know that they still have health.

tiremfej2702d ago

Why? I have the X1 version and I find it insanely annoying. It is buggy again to the point where it is unplayable. It is absolutely ridiculous how terrible this game is. I LOVE the BF series...this game is unacceptable.

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neoMAXMLC2702d ago

I like how my single player campaign progress still disappears after all these months. I dont even know how I managed to finish it the first time.

Shadonic2702d ago

mines stopped deleting though i feel that i;ve jinxed it and it will probably happen once i boot BF4 back up.


I am still having lag spike issues etc.

not having a party system etc... the game is just a mess. The patches seem to fix one thing and break something else.

I have given up on it now..

Matt6662702d ago

Bring high powered scopes to the DMR's some people (like myself would prefer using a DMR at long range instead pf a bolt action and before anyone has a go yes you do get semi-atuo snipers in real life so why not on the game.

tiremfej2702d ago

They need to balance sniper rifles...too much camping because they are ridiculously accurate...and the hip firing or firing on the run is not even realistic. They need to dumb it down. Force people off rooftops and out of the trees...

Meltic2702d ago

how many patches has come lol ? bf4 fail...

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