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Gazondaily2796d ago

I think the franchise was really fatigued by the time GeoW: Judgement came out but still, this is big news.

Blaze9292796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Judgment is like what ODST was to Halo...

But anyway can't wait to see some Gears of War on Xbox One! Guess that kills the possibility of Gears ever hitting PlayStation. Good job on Microsoft for securing that series. Hopefully it can rise to be what it was pre Gears of War 2.

And Rod is back? Awesome.

@theRell - never said it wasn't.

vigilante_man2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

I hope this means MS do not do what they did last time around: Halo, Gears, Forza, Halo, Gears, Forza...

Great news for those that dig Gears - just hope they follow Sony's example and create great new franchises rather than bleed old ones to death.

Is this good for the XB1 or is it desperation from Microsoft's part? Is it simply to stop it going multi-platform? Or are they now going to invest in studios? I hope for all XB1 owners it is for the latter.

abzdine2796d ago

i thought MS said GeOW wasn't relevant anymore?

jimbobwahey2796d ago

This reminds me of when Microsoft formed a brand new studio to take over the Halo franchise, and we got the absolute mess that is Halo 4. Now they're doing it again with the Gears of War franchise? They never learn.

Cueil2796d ago

@vigilante_man Black Tusk is working on two other IPs... at least 1 is a brand new IP

mhunterjr2796d ago

I get what you're saying, but Please don't compare ODST to Judgement. ODST was a good game.

mewhy322796d ago

Not sure if this aquisition was a good move? The last game sold less than it's predecessors.

mcstorm2795d ago

Great news look forward to a new gen gears game.

mwjw6962795d ago

@mewhy32 Just like most PS3 exclusives, LBP, Infamous, GoW, Resistance, Socom, and many others...

People Can Fly sucked at Gears of War anyway.

JokesOnYou2795d ago

Great news, Gears is one of my favorite shooters, now owned by my favorite platform.

Mister_Dawg2795d ago

Guys. ODST was utter badger crap!
I played through it just because it was Halo!
What a fanboy I was with that decision.

TheGreatAndPowerful2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

It was a tired old franchise and no one on the PS side was asking for it to be ported and MS securing the exclusive rights to this series instead of investing that into something new shows just how clueless they really are.

More Halo.. more Forza and now more Gears.

truefan12795d ago

Microsoft is keeping the classics and bringing in news games. I love what Phil Spencer is doing with the XB1, this might be their most game intensive system yet. Great years ahead with top notch shooters and many new ips coming like Quantum Break.

PeaSFor2795d ago

Wow! That is out of NOWHERE.

I'm so blown away by this.

Does anybody really care about Gears of War any more? Shouldn't they be putting this series to bed in favor of something new and exciting? What's the point?

2795d ago
Why o why2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

Good job by ms either way. They were running light on true exclusives. Now there will be no doubt about this franchise. Too bad it wont make its appearance on the ps4. Ms know this is a cash cow so I doubt they'll let it stay dormant like they did so many franchises last gen. Touche, kinda

Withdreday2795d ago

Yet more money hatting.

Screw you MS!

ShinMaster2795d ago

Wowee! Prepare for milking.

I thought 'Judgement' was enough...

Computersaysno2795d ago

Gears feels like one of those single generation IPs that sort of explode onto the scene at the start spectacularly then get a bit worn out by the time a next gen version arrives.

gaffyh2795d ago

This is actually a great idea on MS' part IMO, but I do wonder how much they paid for it. Must be in the tens of millions at least.

Army_of_Darkness2795d ago

Hahahaha! Desperate times call for desperate purchases! Ms don't wanna risk losing another exclusive ip. Hope they don't mess it up.

DragonKnight2795d ago

Because why make your own games when you can just buy the rights to others?

Ah well, Gears is definitely overplayed. People can think this is big news, but when the next Gears comes out and it's incredibly underwhelming, think back to this day and you'll be like "and look what they did with it."

flyingmunky2795d ago

I feel like MS did this just to keep an HD upgrade of the old titles from appearing on ps4 lol. Oh well, I guess that's what MS likes to blow their money on.

wsoutlaw872795d ago

Ya MS did seem pretty defensive when the reports about it coming to ps came out. I know they didnt want that to every happen so this was a good move.

UltimateMaster2795d ago

Gears of War was pretty worn out. It's going to sell good, but it'll be a total disappointment, complete and utter failure. Then it'll be completely dead.

awi59512795d ago

They should have bought bioware when they had the chance maybe they would still be a good company and the Doctors wouldnt have quit.

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lifeisgamesok2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Gears isn't even close to dying and you're right very big news indeed

Graphical powerhouse and the best multiplayer returns

Zichu2796d ago

Not trying to say GoW is a bad series. I've only ever played the second game, it was fun and it's great with friends, but GoW 3 sold just under 6 million and Judgement sold less than 1.5 million.

It could make a comeback with the next game, if they really worked hard at it.

Studio-YaMi2796d ago

"Graphical powerhouse"
You're kidding?

Even though I finished Gears of War 1,2&3 .. never looked at the Gears of War games as graphically overwhelming,more like GREAT gameplay with GOOD graphics.

Multiplayer was a blast as well.

OsirisBlack2796d ago

I love gears of war but not sure I trust anyone but Epic to make the game. We all know how judgement turned out and look at halo 4.

Mister_Dawg2795d ago


Come off it man. Its easy to look back now and compare Gears with games such as Uncharted.
But when Gears 1 exploded onto cinema screens, the trailer was totally mindblowing. Gears started the 'next-gen' at the time graphics revolution. Don't even bother denying it.

Withdreday2795d ago

"Graphical powerhouse"

Not on that GPU...

ShinMaster2795d ago

I never played a multiplayer game that lagged as much as Gears 2.

bloop2795d ago

My only problem with this is now I'll have to go out and get an xb1!! Gears 3 is one of the best mp games of all time. It's a shame a lot of people forgot about the series after 2. Gears 2 was brilliant when it worked, but the lag was just ridiculous at times and I can see why it turned a lot of people off the franchise. But they fixed everything in 3 and it's the one game I keep coming back to play regularly. Having said all that tho, Epic won't be making it, and look how judgement turned out. If it ain't broke...........

wsoutlaw872795d ago

Gears wasnt a graphical powerhouse but when you first played that first one everyone went "wow". gow1 was such a fun time when my friend who was the first to go next gen got it and a few of us would go play coop.

awi59512795d ago

Well everyone knew judgment was a spin off and not the GOW developers making it so thats why it failed.

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GarrusVakarian2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

I agree, they are going to have to try and make the next game feel fresh while keeping the great core mechanics that people love from the past game. I don't want the next game to be a big seller purely because of it's title (like CoD for example), it needs to be fresh....but familiar. Kinda like the way Halo 5 was more character was fresh, but still Halo.

Next gen Gears with new (less generic, more complicated/deeper) characters, better writing for the campaign, horde mode (one of my favourite MP modes last gen), the same great cover mechanics and some new/fresh mechanics and i would be sold. I would buy an X1 for Gears 4 and Halo 5 in an instant.

Gazondaily2796d ago

Yeah I'm sure it can be amazing but I got the feeling Cliffy B was struggling to think of ways to make the franchise feel fresh.

Still, let's see how MS fare with the franchise now that they are in charge of it.

amiga-man2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Didn't M$ themselves say that gears had run it's course or words to that effect?

Obviously thats not true anymore.

It appears he said it for the 360, but the franchise needs refreshing, which I don't think anyone would really argue with.

NatureOfLogic2796d ago

@ amiga-man, That's when It was rumored to be going multiplat. That was nothing more than your typical MS butthurt.

MightyNoX2796d ago

@amiga & @nature of logic:

In either case, it's still a clever move and provides a much needed respite for Xbo after the last couple of weeks.

I do find myself wondering how much money they had to pay.

HammerKong2796d ago

so this says there will be a geras of war game very soon ,cant wait for it ,it was the part of my top ten franchises from last gen ,but i dont know how they will tell the story further,gears sounds like a very mech like generic game ,but it is a not like evry other game it is very fun and focuses greatly on story and i think this will be end to Marcus story and now we wil get a new hero but now i think it wil not be post apocalistic.

Salooh2796d ago

A remake for the first gears would be awesome, it doesn't need a huge multiplayer. 4vs4 is perfect for a gameplay like that. The last of us have the exact same feeling. Just new visuals, next gen graphics, more weapons and stuff like that. Make it scary..etc

As long they make a great single player people will accept the small focused multiplayer :P .

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deviouslight2796d ago

At least it means epic games can focus on a new IP maybe?

Zichu2796d ago

I would like to focus on Fortnite and release it on consoles.

Omegasyde2796d ago

Smart decision by Microsoft.

I am wondering if Epic Games, purposely teased a while back that Gears of War could come to playstation since they owned the IP.

It seems like EPIC was either A)Hoping Microsoft gave them a fat check for sequel exclusivity or B)Hoping Microsoft gave them an even fatter check to buy the intellectual property rights.

Either way - Epic won. I wonder what they are working on now.

PixelNinja2796d ago

Epic will definitely be working on the highly awaited Jazz Jackrabbit game.

ZodTheRipper2796d ago

I somehow can't believe that this is going to payoff ...the last Gears flopped pretty hard, now they bought the IP, need to finance R&D to start designing the game and then comes development itself. Can't wait to see how this turns out even if I'm not interested in the game at all.

webeblazing2795d ago

i wish they would of put this money to making a new ip instead. gears is a great game but come on MS. this is what im talking about when i always say half @$$ when i talk about ms. all the money they have they dont want to take risk on new ips, when the bad move they make against their core gamers become a risk that was seen miles away. im not saying this is not good or gear isnt a great game. its just that they never really try to go out and make something on their own. like F the risk i wanna make this game. and i truly wonder if the devs theyre getting to handle this franchise really want to do it and not the pr talk like "im so happy to be working on it instead of some of the ideas and concepts we were thinking before this happen".

Omegasyde2795d ago


Sooner or later Videogames will follow the same path Hollywood is doing....

Rebooting well known franchises. Don't be surprised if it starts happening. Capcom is going this route with Resident Evil and DvilMay Cry.

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Xsilver2796d ago

Good now i finally get to see What Gears will look like on the NEW UNREAL Engine.

Sammy7772796d ago

It is a good news for MS . With Bungie leaving the Halo franchise , this was just another ip which MS truely needed to keep xb1 relevant. This won't impact the console war but good news for potential xb1 owners

Eonjay2796d ago

But they said that Gears was no longer relevant. Hmm. I think Epic played the hell out of Microsoft. I mean don't get me wrong this is a win for Microsoft, but this is how it went down:

1. Epic makes comment about wanting to make Gears
2. Epic shows UE4 in February @ PlayStation Event
3. Microsoft makes comment about, Gears no longer being relevant.
4. Mark Rein tweets Shu Yoshida saying he should try GoW
5. Xbox community tweets Spencer saying they want Gears to stay exclusive, he responds that he agrees and is working on it.
6. Epic sells IP to Microsoft
7. Gears is now relevant again?

PixelNinja2796d ago

It's all about speculation, something Microsoft masters in.
They probably bought the IP a while back, but from then until now, Epic and Microsoft were teasing us to bring some news to the dormant IP.

KingDadXVI2795d ago

I think that a fair bit of your argument may be correct. At least the parts about Epic baiting MS and the Xbox community wanting it to stay exclusive.

The one point I would make is that Phil thought the game had run its course on the 360. Here is a section of the article by IGN:

He said the series "did kind of run its course on 360," and that its story doesn't support as many games as the Halo series. That is, at least in its current incarnation. He suggested they would need to "expand the universe and what people are doing" to make it viable for future games. "Maybe take it more gritty, I don't know," he said.

He also says, "I want to find a great Gears game, and I thought we did a good job with Judgment but I don't think it hit the level of quality we saw in the previous games,"

So I think that this has been in the works for a bit but that you are correct in the fact that Epic was dangling this carrot in front of Sony to up the value of the IP.

IMO a few things happened. Epic did not really want to do another Gears but wanted maximum value for the IP. Microsoft sees $$$ in the franchise but Phil correctly sees that a new Gears will require some original and potentially new input if they are going to basically start a new series that will invigorate the IP. Microsoft also new that having this iconic IP show up on the PS4 would be a PR disaster even if it was multiplatform. Epic also knew this and used that as leverage to get maximum value for an IP that they really didn't want to do any thing with.

If they can reboot the franchise in a logical way that gives them another 3 games out of it and manage to make the games as ground breaking as the original game then MS has a serious money maker on their hands.

ALLWRONG2795d ago

MS said "Gears had ran it's course on the 360"

Eonjay2796d ago

But they said that Gears was no longer relevant. Hmm. I think Epic played the hell out of Microsoft. I mean don't get me wrong this is a win for Microsoft, but this is how it went down:

1. Epic makes comment about wanting to make Gears
2. Epic shows UE4 in February @ PlayStation Event
3. Microsoft makes comment about, Gears no longer being relevant.
4. Mark Rein tweets Shu Yoshida saying he should try GoW
5. Xbox community tweets Spencer saying they want Gears to stay exclusive, he responds that he agrees and is working on it.
6. Epic sells IP to Microsoft
7. Gears is now relevant again?

air12795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

You do know ms didn't have to buy it right? You say it as if epic tricked them lol..

And from what I've read they said its ran its course on the 360.. How did you get it's not relevant from that? Never mind... Don't answered that.

Sayai jin2796d ago

@Septic, nice find. The series needed some nice additions and unfortunately Judgement did not offer it. They took what was once Gears and added COD like features. Many people went back to playing Gears 3. This is good news none the less.

MikeGdaGod2796d ago

this is great news for xbone fans, exclusives are what drive the industry.

the only way i'd get a xbone is when they get must-have exclusives, and even though we dont know how thw next Gears will turn out, i'm glad to see MS at least trying to convince the hard core audience.

at least they're headed in the right direction.

now if they announce the next Gears as a Kinect based game....scratch everything i just said

hqgamez2795d ago

Microsoft is hoping to cash in like Halo, but they wont.
The story and world ran it's course. Epic was done with the game already before judgement. MS wanted another so Epic made Judgement. Not much focus was put in the game because it really was just to cash in. Epic knows that with the new gen it's time to do new things. Can't just keep on milking. You might say the same with Halo, but that's different. Bungie made a world that was filed with major detail that you can create a story out of anything. Think like Mass Effect. If bioware wanted, they can start anything in that world. Now example of a game that can't is Crysis. It already ran it course. The only interesting thing now, is well... it's graphics. Crysis 3 was just a waste.

The guys at square needs to know this as well. FF13 series. A waste. End it. Do something else. Ain't nobody cares about Gears it is irrelevant. NO MS is gonna make them start a new series based off some other site in the universe. Best way is with a new character, but kind of pointless since the ending of Gears 3 everyone knows. Unless they do some crazy shit happened to cause something else. MS will open it's Windows money and spend that $$$$ in ads. Pay Youtubers to Mention it as being. That M!3M!3 wasn't the first. Who knows, pay some review sites for desperation. This fails, then the MS board will think again about selling off the Xbox Division like they did before because it's profit goes to advertise this.

Last_Boss2795d ago

I understand what you're saying, but when it comes to FF, the series us way too open ended. That's why each main game has had a different cast. SE, should if never announce 4 games at all in that time frame though.

incredibleMULK2795d ago

Its big news because it shows Microsoft's desperation. Xbox ones only hope of surviving relies on a tired old franchise. They better make it free to play multi player only.

Sayai jin2795d ago

@incradiblemulk...why is it desperation. Wouldn't that be MS listening to their fans. You know bringing a well know and cherished exclusive to back home to the fans.

ado9082795d ago

@sayai except fans weren't asking for another Gears of war game on xbox one. I constantly go on gaming forums and N4G and not once did I come across a fan asking for a new gears of war. In actuality i saw people neglected in a new gears of war because they played judgement.

tiremfej2795d ago

@Incredible How is Sony not milking Killzone? 6 different games in 9 years? You need to realize how ignorant your comments are

Sayai jin2795d ago

@Ado- Well I will not argue against your experience, but my own experience was that fans were asking for. Gears still has a large audience that plays Gears 3.

incredibleMULK2795d ago

@tiremj you counted the PSP and vita kill zones. Truly pathetic. HA! Kz on ps2 kz2&3 on ps3. Kzsf on ps4. Liberation on vita.

Nice try fan boy. All hail Microsoft. Glorious and merciful Microsoft. Please step on my nuts. 'Crunch' Thank you may I have another?