Xbox One Deals: Xbox One Console $479.99, LIVE 12M Gold Card $39.99, Madden NFL 25 $39.99 and more

Xbox One weekly deals and sales from Microsoft, Amazon, Frys, Groupon, Best Buy and Target.

andrewsimons3823d ago

Wireless Controller w/ Play and Charge Kit for $59.99 is a great deal.

UltimateMaster3822d ago

Not much of a deal if you ask me.
PS4 controller already has the battery, so when it is on sale, it is much lower.
And 20$ off on Xbox One? Meh.

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edgarohickman3823d ago

Best Buy also have Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership w/ $10 code for NFL Shop for $39.99

Tom873823d ago

Great saving on LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

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Microsoft Just Made Xbox Game Pass Needlessly Confusing Killing Its Potential

With the announcement of changes to its subscription tiers, Microsoft has made Xbox Game Pass needlessly confusing, killing its potential.

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Chocoburger5d ago

Four different tiers:

Game Pass for Console is no longer available to new subscribers. Yeah it does feel like a bit much. I have no interest in constantly recurring subscription fees, I'll gladly buy my games, and even better, most of the time I have no problem waiting for a price drop, very rarely do I care about buying day one these days.

shinoff21835d ago

Pretty much the only games I buy day one are jrpgs.

Sonic18815d ago (Edited 5d ago )

PC Game Pass is very interesting. There's a reason that PC game pass is keeping day one releases and at a *affordable price*, Microsoft know PC gamers won't accept this nonsense and think Xbox console gamers will. PC game pass with day one releases is only $11.99 a month and not $20. Let that sink in

badz1495d ago

No one in their right mind would subscribe to PC GP if they strip away day 1 releases

Obscure_Observer5d ago

"PC game pass with day one releases is only $11.99 a month and not $20. Let that sink in"

That´s because PC has free multiplayer and won´t get as many games as the console does. Especially third party ones. You would known that by now if you were a subscriber.

Sonic18815d ago (Edited 5d ago )


You still defending them is hilarious. Goodluck to you and Xbox because you're going to need it. I also believe Microsoft will increase the price again in the future

anast4d ago

PC gamers have no problem spending thousands on charged up roku boxes. Let that sink in.

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ChasterMies5d ago

“I have no interest in constantly recurring subscription fees, I'll gladly buy my games”

Couldn’t agree more, but I do worry about the longevity of Xbox hardware. If I collect discs, what happens if the next gen Xbox has no disc drive? If Microsoft stops making Xbox hardware altogether, can I move my giant library of games to a 3rd party Game Pass box? Renting may be the safer option.

Christopher5d ago

Great, Xbox learned something bad from Sony. Let's make it harder to understand what we get out of a subscription with unnecessary number of tiers.

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badz1495d ago

Good luck xbox. You guys are gonna need it