Deep Down’s Development, PS4 Street Fighter and Panta Rhei Next Gen Engine Discussed by Capcom

Capcom’s producer duo Yoshinori Ono and Tomoaki Ayano attended Taipei Game Show to introduce Ultra Street Fighter IV, and during a Q&A session with the Taiwanese media they gave some more information about the upcoming PS4 exclusive Deep Down, its engine Pantha Rhei and even the possibility of a chapter of the Street Fighter franchise on PS4.

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Jughead34162706d ago

I'm excited for Deep Down and all, but I really don't care to hear much more from this game except a release date. It's cool to see more footage and screenshots, and how awesome the engine is, but when do I get to play it?

Abriael2706d ago

When it'll be ready, obviously. It has been announced not even a year ago and the console it runs on hasn't even been released in Japan.

Jughead34162706d ago

Well of course it'll release when it's ready. But when? After a while though, it's like ok. Ready to play it. It's a little concerning when games don't have a release date by now.

BluEx6102706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Somewhere around this year a Beta should be coming out. I'm thinking around summer. And hopefully the full release is this year also.

At least they don't announce a release date and then delay it for like half a year. Some publishers need to stop announcing dates and then delaying them. *Cough* Ubisoft *Cough*

Jughead34162705d ago

Yea I agree with you there.

stavrami-mk22706d ago

yup and driveclub bored of hearing about it ......less talkie more workie

FamilyGuy2705d ago

The DriveClub devs haven't talked in months.
They're definitely working.

Arkardo2705d ago


It's safe to say the same for titanfall... less talkie more workie

Skate-AK2705d ago

I would rather have no date than a date they keep pushing back.

FamilyGuy2705d ago

The japanese Beta is said to be releasing soon after the PS4 launches in japan.

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XtraTrstrL2706d ago

They always act stupid. They know people obviously want SF and other fighters on PS4. I don't mind waiting, so they can optimize Panta Rhei more, so when they do start development, if they haven't already, it'll look that much better. I am more concerned with them possibly ruining the next iteration of SF, with their greed, by adding something stupid like 'gems' in SFxTekken - just to have another avenue for $$$ DLC revenue.

I just want a proper hardcore SFV like they promised, nothing like focus attacks in it to bridge the gap between hardcore and casual gamers, and a different art direction, with no copy/paste from SFIV models.

Majin-vegeta2706d ago

I always call it the panty raid engine xD.

OT:Would like a new SF game with every character to date on it.

Anyone else think Delsin and Cole would.make good special characters for SF?

Bruce_Wayne2706d ago

Or Knack. Lol he could replace Toro from SFxT.

Skate-AK2705d ago

Pretty sure Cole has been in Street Fighter. The Vita version of SFxT had him in it.

Deathdeliverer2706d ago

I can't wait for deep down personally. Love dungeon crawlers. As far as SF goes, I'd be excited to have parries back and tiered supers return. Level 3 supers could be the equivalent to ultra combos. Cinematic and all that jazz. Take out all that focus shit. While I can fadc with the best of them, it still feels retarded to take a hit to give a hit. I'd rather see Street fighter go more 2d while 3d like marvel (art style only, not play wise) or like the phenomenal looking guilty gear xrd.

Aleithian2705d ago

Give me Dragon's Dogma 2 in Panta Rei!

(Very excited for Deep Down and whatever else Capcom has planned)

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