Wii U Weekly Deals: LEGO Marvel $33, Black Ops II $20, Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board $28 and More

Wii U weekly deals and sales at Nintendo, eShop, Amazon, Groupon, Newegg, Dell, Kmart, Gamefly, Best Buy, Walmart and Gamestop.

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JusticeSoulTuna1819d ago

I'm beginning to feel like these sorta prices would be good for Wii U ports of older games, it'd encourage people to buy them more. It'd help the Wii U out a bit i think

Lboogieskells1819d ago

What is this? A charity case? They need to make appealing games that sell themselves.

Tom871819d ago

Never played any LEGO game. Is LEGO Marvel a great game?

MNGamer-N1819d ago

I like lego games. They give me an OCD rush trying to collect all of the little bits and lego pieces. If you are looking for a lego game on WiiU, I'd suggest getting the Lego City Undercover, it's a pretty good game. And funny too.

ABizzel11819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Lego Marvel is a great little gem. It has a light hearted kids type vibe like say a Mario Game, but it's still fun.

It's open world, tons of stuff to collect, tons of characters to unlock, funny, does the Marvel Universe justice (although child appropriate), and just an overall good game.

Every Wii U owner should be buying this as well as:

Best for under $30

Mass Effect 3: $11
Scribblenaughts: $20
Batman: $20
Tekken: $20
Splineter Cell: $20
Sniper Elite: $20
The Wonderful 101: $24
Assassin's Creed 4: $30

ESPECIALLY Assassin's Creed. Not only is it a great game, but Ubisoft are the only 3rd party developer that's fully supporting Wii U.

Ittoryu1819d ago

Wow guess I'll pick my buddies dust collecting Wii U so I can add it to my collection and start pick up cheap games.

KevinCubes1819d ago

I heard the WiiU is more powerful than the ps4 is this true.

ABizzel11819d ago


No, and most people know this.

jacobvogel1819d ago

A lot of great deals, just purchased Mass Effect 3.

Myst1819d ago

Hopefully people are still playing the multiplayer! It actually wasn't too bad felt like the PS3 version aside from a few things.

andrewsimons1819d ago

New Super Mario Bros. U or Super Mario 3D World? Which game should I play?

MNGamer-N1819d ago

Both. But if you can only choose one, 3D World is better.

ABizzel11819d ago

3D wod is the better game. New Super Mario is good, but not much of an evolution o er the Wii versions. You're better off with Super Luigi although it's WAYYYYYYY harder.

While you're at it buy some of the 3rd party games I listed above.

Myst1819d ago

Wish I had more money ( damn bills ) otherwise I would get Lego Marvel now, although I did just get The Wonderful 101.

MNGamer-N1819d ago

Just picked up the Wonderful 101 as well. A while back I told myself I'd wait until it went on sale... I just scooped it up at WalMart for $29 bucks.

Myst1819d ago

Nice and I did the same thing lol. I got mine from Amazon for $3.82 or something like that thanks to the promotional $20.00 they gave me :).