The Best And Worst Horror Games of 2013

BD writes: It’s 2014, and our look back at one of the more mixed years worth of games in recent memory continues with another best and worst roundup!

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Roccetarius2791d ago

Last of Us is a great Action-Survival game, but i wouldn't call it Horror. It's just one of those games where tags aren't fitting.

I would count out Deadly Premonition from 2013 as well, since it's just a re-release. Maybe mods will some day change the game for the better.

TheRealTedCruz2791d ago

While I definitely wouldn't call the Last of Us straight-up horror, I have two words for you . . . elevator shaft.

minimur122791d ago

Judging by Jason's review on this...

'I only have 22 minutes logged on Outlast because it's too scary!'



lol sorry.

s45gr322791d ago

Outlast or maybe Amnesia dark descent sadly doorways is mediocre at best

NeoTribe2791d ago

I consider it survival horror. Its how resident evil use to be and should be now. Its just got a good story and doesnt use cheap scare tactics.