Half-Life 2: Episode Two delayed untill summer 2007

Valve's Doug Lombardi today admitted that Half-Life 2: Episode Two will be delayed untill summer 2007, instead of early 2007. This automaticly means that Portal and Team Fortress 2 won't be released earlier either.

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Antan5333d ago

well i guess they may use the extra dev time to implement some nice dx10 trickery into the source engine.

Capt CHAOS5333d ago

Still, a shame for the delay though..

BoneMagnus5332d ago

This helps my wallet for the winter - and guarantees a great game to play this summer.

Deceased5332d ago

The PS3 keeps causing games to be delayed, they can't get much to work on the 7600gs gpu in the ps3.

The_Firestarter5332d ago (Edited 5332d ago )

HL2: EP.2 was orignally made for pc, but was pushed to the consloe with the rest of HL2. This is because Valve needs the extra money. Maybe for developing HL2: Ep.3. So stop blaming the PS3 for your life problems. You people really bug the sh*t out of me with your arrogance.

PC gaming beats the crap out of console gaming anyday. Ever heard of Crysis?

Mikey_Gee5332d ago

That blows HARD .. this was one I REALLY WANTED ASAP.

I hope the polish the crap out of it even more since they now have FAR TO MUCH TIME till launch in my books.

Aaaaaaaarrrrrghhhhhhhh !!

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