PC Gamers Launch Petition For PC Versions Of Bayonetta, Vanquish & Virtua Fighter 5

DSOGaming writes: "NeoGAF's members have launched a petition in order to show SEGA that there is PC crowd for more 'niche' games. As suggested, this petition is targeting games that are a perceived lower risk and the initial suggestions are: Vanquish, Bayonetta and Virtua Fighter 5."

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vishmarx1822d ago

$2000 pc's being used to sign petitions

0ut1awed1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Haters gonna hate. I use my gaming PC for all sort of things and all the time. It gets much more use than my PS4 or my Vita as of late.

But just to make you more jelly, check the September winner...

To stay on topic, I'm pretty indifferent on these games. Still I hope it works out for the people that want them.

JodyCones1822d ago

Yup exactly I'm a PC and PlayStation gamer as well. If you're a gamer, stop bashing PC because it really gives you the best gaming experience when it comes to graphics, and it's 'gamer friendly' prices. Seriously, I don't understand the logic in how you can be a core gamer and bash on PC? Does not make since to me. I Understand in the consoles there's nothing wrong with preferring a particular ecosystem, but practically everyone has a computer. Heck aren't you on one now? PC gaming has been surging. You're really missing out if you don't game at all on PC, the experience is different and gratifying.

starchild1822d ago

Yeah I feel indifferent about them as well. But more games is never a bad thing.

PeaSFor1822d ago

combo PS/PC is the way to go.

DoctorJones1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

$2000 pc's being used for lots of things - Playing games, making music, making films, creating games, etc - Yep, $2000 pc's can do a lot.

And if people want to sign petitions for games then they can do that as well. I wouldn't mind Bayonetta on pc, but I'm not fussed either way really.

vishmarx1822d ago

yeah im sure 90% of the pc gamers do all that stuff.

Somebody1822d ago

Yes, 90% of PC gamers don't do all those high end stuff but 100% of game developers, both for PC or consoles, do.

PC games, console games, mobile games, hand held games...different platforms, different content and yet all have the PC involved.

Kurylo3d1822d ago

Dont forget internet porn... thats a big one.

Deividas1822d ago

Oh just shut up. What does it matter to you how people want to spend their money? Grow up.

Th4Freak1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Because thats the very same people who talk shit about consoles but want its games, hypocrisy at its best.

starchild1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )


How is that any different than Sony fanboys bashing the PC and downplaying its games and then asking devs to bring those games to PS3/PS4? There are petitions for games like The Witcher 2 to be brought to PS3. And Sony fanboys get all excited every time it's announced that PC games like Planetside 2 or Outlast are coming to PS4.

There are also Sony fanboys petitioning to hopefully get Titanfall on PS4.

So console gamers talk shit about the PC, but still want its games. Then they take to the comment sections to complain about PC gamers petitioning to get more games on their preferred platform. What hypocrisy.

Th4Freak1822d ago

And where exactly is that bashing in N4G? PC fanboys are the most toxics around and thats a fact, I still remember when GTA V was announced for console only a bunch of mad PC fanboys trash talked for an entire week and they still do but I havent seen the same behavior the other way around, only between consoles, so thats why I am asking you to show me where the supposed bashing is in this website.

stragomccloud1822d ago

See, the thing is, PCs can be used for many different things besides gaming, and Most PC gamers aren't spending that much. I built a really high end unit back in 2010 for about $1000, and it still runs games better than PS4. The only reason my unit cost so much was because I bought multiple hard drives and an SSD. And the amount of money I've saved by purchasing games through steam instead of buying console games more than makes up for the extra cost. Besides, I don't have to buy a full set of new hardware when the "next gen" comes out. My system plays games from pretty much every gen. Ultimate backwards compatibility. Plus I can run PS2/PS1 games on an emulator(I actually own the copies of my games), so it's got that too. Just sayin'.

NiteX1822d ago

It worked for Dark Souls didn't it?

kwyjibo1822d ago

What do you use your $2000 PC for? Aside from inane N4G comments?

TedCruzsTaint1822d ago

It's you again.
You have a lot to say on a matter you have no actual insight into and of which you have no part in.
Keep on hating. We'll keep on gaming.

BattleAxe1822d ago

"vishmarx + 8h ago
$2000 pc's being used to sign petitions
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Well what the hell do you use? iPhone?

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xfear2diex1822d ago

i will sing on all the petition even if i will not play it on pc maybe when they are on steam sale but i will do anyway the more gamers play the game the better no one should not experience those good games but i hope pc gamers don,t hop with the 4k/240fps shit on consoles gamers later

lilmetal1822d ago

I voted by actually buying Revengeance on PC. Purchases here will speak louder than any amount of Petition.

Voxelman1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

I pre-ordered MGR:R, I also brought Sonic Racing Transformed, Viking: Battle for Asgard (awful game, HotD: Overkill and Binary Domain. I have put my money where my mouth is.

And given how long Rising was on the top 10 on Steam I am sure plenty of others did the same.

_QQ_1822d ago

I'm going to buy it eventually, but i have a pretty large backlog right now.

wtopez1822d ago

Nonsense! PC doesn't have enough games to have a backlog! Steam sales and Green Man Gaming and Humble Bundles are myths propagated by PC gamers because they have no games.

Activemessiah1822d ago

Would LOVE to seee Vanquish on PC, I got it for the Ps3 but wouldn't mind seeing that 1080p

thezeldadoth1822d ago

i would get both bayonetta and vanquish. i'd like to play bayonetta before playing bayonetta 2 on wii u but i sold all my last gen consoles

4logpc1822d ago

Bayonetta!!! Pleaseeee