IGN Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Review

Review for Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is now out in the wild. And IGN's review basically confirm the source previously posted about the controversy on the FPS between PS4 / Xbox One

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Quagmire3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

Of all the controversies, I really dont like Lara's redesign. She's not the same Lara I played with (giggity) on my PS3. I hope the revert back to the old design for the sequel.

WildArmed3239d ago

I found the new Lara looks much better in motion. Her face doesn't look so young anymore.

Vergil-3239d ago

From what I played it looks like her new face struggles showing emotion well. I'm really enjoying the new graphical fidelity tho, makes it seem like a new game.

PsylentKiller3239d ago

She looks like the box art now.

NeoTribe3239d ago

*fanboybeatdown* you must not have got the memo. The ps4 version is superior to the pc version in terms of raw graphical fidelity. Same goes with need for speed and most newly released games. Sorry your 1500 dollar rig cant touch a 400 dollar console lol. Unlike your dribble, you can actually google my facts and find out your totally wrong. Facts are facts. Not only do you have no exclusives as a pc fan but now you cant even boast graphical superiority lol.

thekhurg3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )


Yeah, no. The PC version doesn't have all of the extra graphical features that the PC version does. It's no longer a definitive version.

humbleopinion3239d ago


I guess that your "two year old desktop" must be so powerful it allows time travel - because the 7950 GPU which you claim that you have in there was actually only released less than a year ago...

Either that or you're a lying turd :)

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Metallox3239d ago

It's the same great game that is Tomb Raider. It deserves that score, even if the improvementes are barely noticeable. The problem here it's the price, it shouldn't cost that.

KonsoruMasuta3239d ago

The improvements are noticeable. The game is beautiful.

Metallox3239d ago

Of course, but those improvements aren't huge when comparing to the PC version. It's a steal. Again, the game looks beautiful, yes, but the price... Square Enix stuff.

3239d ago
Riderz13373239d ago

If you're playing on PS4, the improvements are noticeable. Still though, doesn't justify a 60$ price tag. Max I would have went with was 40$

Metallox3239d ago

I'm concentrating on the price, it's not fair to pay 60 dollars for that when the PS4 clearly it's capable of more.

ABizzel13239d ago

I was saying paying full price for it was too much too. Then I thought about it. This is Square Enix.

DevilishSix3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

Seems worth $60 to me as I didn't play the 360 or Ps3 versions and glad I didn't, it is stunning looking and buttery smooth on PS4 so far.

I fully understand you gamers who played it already. They should allow you an upgrade for $20 - 30 if you played the game already and show achievements in your profile.

ambientFLIER3239d ago're saying if you play on the X1, the identical graphical improvements are NOT noticeable?

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DEATHxTHExKIDx3239d ago

I'd say its only worth it if someone never bought the game. Or if you sold the 360/PS3 which would be a bad move. Also Not to many next gen games out now. Otherwise yeah tone it down to 40$

slapedurmomsace3239d ago

Tomb Raider was one of those games that got pushed aside because of how many games I had left to play with my PS3. So I don't mind paying the $60 for the PS4 version, and honestly if I had played it back when it was released, I, like many, wouldn't be re buying it.

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GusBricker3239d ago

I need to teach my kitty to meow "bow" now.

James Vanderbeek3239d ago

i just got the game like an hour ago. looks pretty sick and I am loving the graphics. my first time playing it

Jughead34163239d ago

I'm having a blast with this game also. Never got any of the previous versions, so this is like a new game to me. Worth the price tag if you've never played it.

shysun3239d ago

Can I up grade from ps3 to ps4?

redknight803239d ago

I haven't heard of or seen any "upgrade" options for this game yet. Keep an eye out though because maybe some individual retailers will offer such a thing if the game doesn't sell. I can see some offers of trade-in or in store credit if you do an exchange of the PS3 version to the PS4 version, for example.

shysun3239d ago

ok thx! I have the ps3 version but didn't finish it because of TLOU! I would love to finish it on PS4 though!

redknight803239d ago

That (TLOU) is a damn good reason to not finish the game, haha. I would say, honestly...that if you are not constrained too much financially, that you go ahead and sell the PS3 version and just get the PS4 version at your earliest convenience. Depending on how far you are in Tomb Raider and how much you liked it, of course; the PS4 version will be better just for the graphics upgrade alone. The gameplay doesn't seem to be changed too much so only upgrade if you truly like the game and want to experience it on a better visual level. I, for example, am only renting it on PS4 since I did finish the game on PS3 and am only renting it to see the graphical difference and give a good game a deserved second play through.

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