Why I'm saying NO to DLC in 2014

Kevin Kennedy: Now, it may be a little late (I mean it’s already late January), but I think I’ve figured out my gaming resolution for 2014: stop buying DLC. This may seem a bit extreme, but it makes a lot of sense in context, and with a few qualifications.

First, let me set up the situation. I have a serious backlog of games, and I often find myself hesitant to even start a lot of new games until I know I’ll have time to complete them.

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teflontactics2747d ago

I both disagree and agree with this article;

I agree with the fact that a lot of DLC adds no real replay value to the game and comes too late for most to jump back in, but there's also DLC I felt I NEEDED to buy - so I disagree with such a blanket movement.

Some great examples of this are the Gravity Rush DLC (PSVita) and the Ridge Racer DLC (PSVita). They not only added replay value, but changed the way I viewed the game by giving me much more than a new item or weapon. In fact, I wouldn't have enjoyed either of the games as much had I not gotten their DLC.

There is also DLC that's just plain fun/cool, but doesn't add anything special. A great example of this is character dowwnloads for games like PlayStation All-Stars or Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational. While the DLC doesn't add anything to the game itself, it allows you to experience it with a smile on your face as you play through (or against your friends online) using cool characters they don't possess. The joy I've gotten from adding Kat (Gravity Rush) DLC to World Invitational much outweighs the $1 I paid for her (and the $0.50 I paid for her maid outfit).

While as a whole, DLC tends to come either too late or too pricy, there are clear exceptions to this which I would hate to ignore because the majority of it isn't worth it to all but the completionists and elite.

For this reason, I'll never swear off DLC, but instead will approach it with cautious optimism - like anyone with a little extra cash should.

SpiralTear2747d ago

"DLC I felt I NEEDED to buy"

I noticed that with the Broken Steel DLC for Fallout 3 that raised the level cap. Something as simple as that can add a lot of replay value, even if you don't touch the story content that came with the DLC.

It really depends on what the DLC is and, like you said, how much of an impact it makes on your own gaming experience.

Detoxx2747d ago

Fallout 3 was an amazing experience.

Bought all the DLC for it, 100% worth it.

thorstein2747d ago

It's funny. Because some companies will do the "season pass" so you get all the DLC at a "discount." Others, not so much.

LBP continues to have DLC that can be used on every iteration of the game which is awesome (would love more DEVS to do this)

Second, I agree that some DLC adds to the experience like Broken Steel and Last of Us: Left Behind. But, it would be nice if some companies paired the paid DLC with free DLC like Naughty Dog and Guerilla Games do.

Ratty2747d ago

I pretty much completely agree with you. Though I still wish they'd bring back good old expansions instead of DLC.

1nsomniac2747d ago

shows you how much we get ripped off these days when you would buy expansion packs that were pretty much an entire new game for £20.

I must of bought them all for Quake back in the day & they had a mass of content, the same as the original game. Instead of the £12 COD 4 map pack you get these days.

BlackOni2747d ago

I agree with that statement! For example, the Last of Us multiplayer DLC has ABSOLUTELY added value to the game, and I'm still playing it, and enjoying it throughly. I do think that with more competitive prices for DLC, we'll see more people warm up to the idea. I am very cautious as well, as I've been let down by DLC before. I feel developers are getting better at it though!

-Foxtrot2747d ago

Thing is I think with this gen DLC is the last of our worries....the real problems could be Micro transactions and Free to Play models.

Seems harmless right.....well we said the same with DLC at the start of last gen and look what happened

RexFury2747d ago

Microtransaction are going to be the vermin of this gen. I am quite glad at the outlash Turn 10 got for Forza 5....just that response could have made other developers/publishers hesitant about their prices.

Ashby_JC2747d ago

Yeah if we don't buy...and make it vocal that we don't want MTs in or games..hopefully future devs well stop.

I wonder did respawn make the decision not to have MTs based on negative reactions to it.

I welcome good to great dlc. And Mao packs like premium for battlefield.

AllroundGamer2747d ago

i said NO to payed DLC's from the beginning, join the rebellion.

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king_george2747d ago

I wish more people were like you :( I think companies like capcom and activision are some of the worst of the bunch in terms of stuffing DLC in our faces

reaper242747d ago

Well until know, I haven't bought a single piece of DLC. If a game gets a launch DLC or something like that, I wait for the GOTY edition.

mydyingparadiselost2747d ago

Same here, but it unfortunately hasn't made much of a difference :\
On well, it's worth it to fight the good fight.

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Bathyj2747d ago

Since I don't play online I rarely buy DLC. Stuff like infamous festival of blood and the last of us left behind is the exception.

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