Sony Online Entertainment Offering “All Access” Subscription for All its Games for 15 Bucks a Month

Sony Online Entertainment announced today that the company will offer a new “all access” subscription plan for all its games starting “on or about” April 2nd.
The subscription model will cost $14.99 a months, and will include a whole lot of benefits and top tier membership to all its MMORPs, including the upcoming EverQuest Next and EverQuest Next landmark.

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Rimeskeem2703d ago

This should have a year deal

Bigpappy2703d ago Show
fenome2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )


All the while you're suckling off of the witches teat, and loving her poisoned milk. lol

Doesn't the propaganda get old dude?

I'm not even into MMOs, but I'll give the free ones a try. If this might actually save some of the people that are paying MULTIPLE subscriptions already some money by having a flat fee for all them, then that's a good thing.

I don't get how you're trying to twist some people not having to spend as much money into a bad thing, but do your thing bro.

For the record, I don't play subscription based games, I spend a grip of cash as it is on 'em without a constant fee. This is cool for whoever it helps though

liquidhalos2703d ago


"Ill sit back and watch to see how long you work and pay the piper. Sony really can do no wrong by some. They are playing this one really well. You guys have been courted like young virgins. Give you a little candy, tell you how good you look, then some ice cream. While you are eating the delicious ice cream the old mans hand is found its way on you thigh. But you want more candy and ice cream, so you tolerate those old hands that bought them."

Really? Really? Look dude, i know its a public website and all but Really?

People here don't need to know what you get up to in your spare time, Heres hoping your local ice cream parlours have you banned with a picture on the wall hey.

Good god, its games you crazy pup

ThunderSpark2703d ago

BigPappy, here's your Microsoft paycheck. Now run along and don't tell anyone we know each other ;-)

sinspirit2703d ago


Stop ripping off of old words to pretend you're wise and have a point.

A company releasing a new deal on their products? You're complaining about that?

Here is the literal circumstance. Sony passes this idea. Customer pays them money of their own choice. Both sides win.

Where are you getting the "it's rape but they have ice cream so it's okay" analogy from? So immature.

HammadTheBeast2703d ago

Not sure what the problem is. They're all very good games that can allow free players to easily keep up with those who pay.

And this is giving players extras for $15 a month for ALL their games, unlike Elder Scrolls online which is $15 for just that game.

Kryptix2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

lol Bigpappy, you're embarrassing yourself once again.

Somehow, creating a better deal for those that are into DC Universe, PlanetSide 2 and Everquest series is a negative thing?

You better go back to wherever troll cave you came from, you ain't ready for the world yet.

TGF_Zero2702d ago

So we have to pay for plus, p$ now, and now this...smh $ony needs to sto

Ezz20132702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )



cool it down, we can all be friends

sinspirit2702d ago


You don't have to.

PSPlus... Sure you kinda do because online is so important but remember what you get in return and that the F2P games don't require it.

Playstation Now? Okay that requires computer farms that are expensive and a very strong connection. Of course it is another subscription because 1. It is on multiple platforms that don't pay anything for Playstation Plus. 2. Plus already has so much investment that returns products to you. They would be losing a lot of money to include Playstation Now on top of all the content Plus members get back. 3. It is a choice. Get over it. You don't need to pay for it.

Uh. No you don't have to pay for this at all. This is an extra for games that are already F2P in the first place. You don't have to pay for this but the OPTION is there. Do you know what an option is? If you don't like it then that is it. You don't require any of it. So don't bother with any of it and stop your Anti-Sony bullcrap.

Gaming1012702d ago

Yes yes, there will always be bitter, hating, butthurt fanboys who hate on Sony no matter what they do, as this page seems to be teeming with them. Yes, we would all like everything to be free, meanwhile getting an unbelievably cheap console that costs less than a high end PC graphics card. Go home crybabies, Everquest and other MMO fans finally have something to cheer for, and lord knows they needed something to make up for their having no life. lol

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Parapraxis2703d ago

What sounds like a pretty damn great deal for MMO fans.

ramiuk12703d ago

everquest 2 sucked away 2 years of my life but it was amazing,the community and everything i met there was great and had so much fun,but due to kids i gave up as it was too time consuming

joab7772703d ago

Great deal but I play dcuo and cant imagine having time for more than 1. But if ppl know they can play all of them, they will try the others and get hooked. And sony knows u can only play so much. Kinda sucks it isn't for ps4...probably will b once P2 comes to it. Slick move Sony! Kudos!

fenome2703d ago

Keep scrolling down in the ps4 news section, they just confirmed earlier that it is definitely coming to the ps4 :)

mattdillahunty2703d ago

the fact that a lot of games are involved isn't as great as it seems imo. i don't know about anybody else, but i can't handle more than one (good) MMO at once. MMOs are kind of designed to be the only one you play at a time, since they require such a commitment, so having access to a bunch of MMOs at once sounds better than it actually is.

it's still nice to have the choice, though.

fenome2703d ago

I was talking about Everquest Next coming to ps4, not this All Access thing, for the record. Lol

SpadeX2702d ago

Yeah probably they're giving a bunch of MMOs instead of one for expanding choices, like pick the free game you like the most and play it, instead of picking one you don't have interest for.

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ovnipc2703d ago

Nice great!! Good move sony. I wish it would cover ff14 and es online

Spenok2703d ago

Quite possibly the best thing tat has ever happened to the MMO world. The fact you only have to pay one $15 montly subscription to play the likes of EverQuest, EverQuest II, DC Universe Online PC, PlanetSide 2 PC, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, and the upcoming EverQuest Next and EverQuest Next: Landmark is ridiculous.

To put it short. You pay this one fee, and you have premium access to every one of SOE's MMO's. Including the benefits subscribers get. But to ALL of their games.

This is a brilliant idea.

showtimefolks2703d ago

sony is doing everything right geared towards gamers

awesome deal for those interested and with a lot of free time

iiorestesii2703d ago

I agree WTF is this. WTF IS THIS!!!!>>>>>&g t;>>???????

come_bom2703d ago

"Sony Online Entertainment Offering “All Access” Subscription for All its Games for 15 Bucks a Month"

Still too expensive. These MMO games need to go F2P. Paying every month a fee to play MMO's is not for me.

Delive2702d ago

Not a bad deal at first glance. If you play more than 1, it's great for you. If you only play 1 though, it kind of gives you the short end of the stick. It would be nice if single game subs were allowed at a reduced price. Between 7 and 10 for single game sub and 15 for all inclusive. That way, if I am sure I will only be playing one, I can save some money.

TGF_Zero2702d ago

More ways to charge you $ony needs to stop.Its not like they have a good record with mmorps.

Cueil2702d ago

it's been there for years

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HighResHero2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious.
I bet it has something to do with this story:
and again.....

Soldierone2703d ago

This is epic, sucks it doesn't include consoles though. If it included top tier DC Universe for PS4 and Dust 514 benefits, I'd be all over it.

sobekflakmonkey2703d ago

it's coming to PS4 apparently, I imagine DCUO as well as every other MMO SOE is putting on PS4 will be in the list as well.

Soldierone2703d ago

When that happens I'll gladly pay for it. 15 dollars a month for several games to play? Awesome.

This coming from a person that hates subscriptions for games too.

sobekflakmonkey2703d ago


Subscriptions aren't a bad thing, F2P games with loads of micro-transactions (and are typically Pay 2 Win) are the reason we see more and more micro-transactions in full retail priced games, pubs and devs seem to think it's okay, sub fee's only ensure better quality when it comes to MMO's and things alike, don't be afraid of subscription fee's my friend.

Shadonic2703d ago

I cant play DC universe anymore i invested all that timr grinding hopeing for some epic laser blast that fit my character instead i got a blue laser pointer. How do you accomplish making tour top tier combat move less visually appealing then your basic and lame at that.

_QQ_2703d ago

Aren't most of those game already F2P? someone explain.

Ripsta7th2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

This isnt for the f2p games. This is a subscription for the upcoming MMO Games coming from Sony studios. Other f2p games are still going to remain the same. Instead of paying a sub for each MMO from Sony you just have to pay one sub.
F2p=/= MMO

joab7772703d ago

Theu r but hav sub models that r for those who plan to play awhile. F2p imo is more like an extended demo. Its lets u play for awhile to see if really wanna keep playing. Much better to pay.

HighResHero2703d ago

I am guessing since it is an "all access" subscription it will offer all kinds of benefits, some listed in caption. Along with all kinds of features and bonuses, some of which players previously might have had to pay for.

Abriael2703d ago

They're hybrid, meaning you can have a subscription to get all the privileges, bells and whistles.

This gives you that scubscription for all the games.

Morpheuzpr2702d ago

So you saw my comment here: and decided to check it out and make an article about it hah?

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