These are the 5 games that could win the console war for the PS4

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launched to a great deal of fanfare in November. Thousands of anxious consumers lined up at their local retailers at midnight to be among the first to experience the next generation of video games. Over 7 million consoles have already been sold, anticipation is at an all time high…but we haven’t had a great reason to turn on our new consoles in almost a month.

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xHeavYx2793d ago

What I like about the list is that I see a variety of games, not a focus on FPS or timed DLC. There are also great games coming out (like the next Uncharted) and who knows what E3 will be like, most likely....

ThunderSpark2793d ago

Very true. Playstation is synonymous with variety and quality. This gen should definitely be as fun as the PS2 era was.

jidery2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

The PS2 era is something I hope can make a comeback, the era of the platformer. Sly cooper, Jack and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, PsychoNauts heck even Rayman were amazing platformers. I hope these type of cartoony story based games come back sometime this gen, or am I the only one who enjoyed them?

Kingthrash3602793d ago

you are not, sir.
we all enjoyed them.

victorMaje2793d ago

Oh I have a feeling this gen is going to be fun indeed!

FamilyGuy2792d ago

I'm excited about those big titles and plan on playing all of them but Transistor really has my attention too. I really want to check that game out so I hope there's a demo. Even if there isn't I guess I could watch some live streams once it's released. *Hugs PS4*

scott1822792d ago

While I am very excited for these games, I would think the biggest ones will be from Naughty Dog and their other major studios... I am very excited to see what's in store down the road from them.

VforVideogames2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Are all this games exclusives to ps4?

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Pogmathoin2793d ago

I mean, you post the story, fair enough, but you were so excited about you comment first too.... Anyone else would wait and see others comment first, then you use a gif seen a 1,000 times... Really?? I thought PS4 did not need help either winning the 'console war'... Why are you worried about with the Xbox? Is it the fact its selling really good too? An inferior more expensive machine? This must make your mind go http://images4.wikia.nocook...

GarrusVakarian2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

What an incredibly bitter, completely off topic comment. Do you hear yourself? He says what he likes about the article he submitted, what is wrong with that? He got excited by the variety of upcoming Sony offerings and decided to what? Does that really offend you?

"Why are you worried about with the Xbox? Is it the fact its selling really good too? "

Lmao wth, he didn't even mention Xbox....i would love to read his comment through your eyes, i really would.

Where do you people keep popping up from? Just really bitter, warped individuals.......

NeoTribe2793d ago

Pretty bad when we can tell how bitter and angry you are through a text comment.

FamilyGuy2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Ugh, so SALTY

Not sure if tears or sweat from hot, angered typing :/

Ever considered the thought that he might just be excited about the game line-up/topic at hand?
A decent number of contributors make the first comment on their own articles because they're, surprise surprise, interested in the subject.

3-4-52793d ago

Remember when WW2 was won on in the first few months?

O didn't happen like that

Kingthrash3602793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

u lost me. "WW2"? what does war have to do with this article...y'know what...yall fanboy's are miserable people. ENJOY you console of choice and stop sulking everytime yall see positives about the other console dam. go play games.
that said, i cant wait for these to release. ps2 era here we come!

ShwankyShpanky2793d ago

There's console wars, and then there's tripe like this.

Irishguy952792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Yeah it was over before it even begun. The only thing left is to see how much of a win it is for them. If MS manage to have a quality generation then the gap won't be massive. But if they falter then we'll just see the gap rise. I'd be surprised if MS managed a turned around with some random major exclusives. But I doubt it.

Edit -
Nah Corvus -> You see, a console will always 'win'/ Last gen arguably the 360 won due to the fact that MS managed to pull a huge market share, whereas the gen before it Sony absolutely dominated. This gen it seems like it won't be complete domination, but SOny will have pulled back alot of players they lost last gen. Thus they win.

So far i'd give highest quality consoels per gen -> Ps1-Ps2-Ps3(later years) and the Ps4 and X1 seem even enough right now except the X1 simply costs more in general.

Oh yeah, what was I saying?? Yeah so Corvus, someone wil always win, and whoever loses is forced to 'better' themselves. And the winners want to keep winning. Thus -> Competition is ALWAYS good for us. Xbox 360 having such a good online is what led to Sony having such a good online, Ps4's policies are what led to X1 changing their policies. Get it? The one who ****s up has to buck up and we only win due to it

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Neonridr2793d ago

I'm looking forward to seeing more of The Witness. Love the art style and the game definitely has a Myst feeling to it.

ThyMagicSword2793d ago

None of them will win 'the console war'. Capcom could make a new Monster Hunter for the PS4 or PS VITA, instead of making Dark Souls clones like Deep Down.

corvusmd2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

This topic is all just opinion, but if any game company "wins" the console's gamers that lose

Admittedly this list has the only two exclusives that I cared about, but the more I learn about Order and Deep Down, the less I like them. Witness may not be an exclusive, so that won't "win" anything.

admiralvic2793d ago

"This topic is all just opinion"

You mean an article on N4G listed under opinion piece is just opinion?! Gee, better stop the presses!

But seriously, I don't see these 5 games or really any 5 games making such an impact that it completely vanquishes the competition.

DragonKnight2793d ago

"but if any game company "wins" the console's gamers that lose."

What? How do you figure that? History has proven that having a leader with insurmountable numbers has, more often than not, been a good thing.

Before Sony entered the console industry, Nintendo vs. Sega saw Nintendo always trouncing Sega. Why? Games.

Sony enters in and they trounce Nintendo and Sega 2 generations straight. Why? Games.

Can you provide an example of how any company "winning" the console war means gamers lose? The only thing I can think of is possible arrogance, but if that doesn't happen then how does anyone lose?

SixtyNine2793d ago

War? I'll leave you kids to it.

On that list, I'd take second sons and transistor.

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