Boy beaten up thanks to Gears

A 36 year old man was arrested on Wednesday after he sent a 15 year old to hospital in the back of an ambulance. The man wanted Gears, and decided that the only way to get one was to prey on those that had it.

The incident kicked off in a Gamestop queue. The store manager announced stocks were getting low, so the man made his way to the front, beat the kid up ,and then the man was the proud owner of Gears of War, temporarily.

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devv054452d ago

that 36-year old "man" must be retarted, what was he thinking...

DC RID3R4452d ago

it's a mad-a** world out there!

you better believe it. i feel SORRY for the launch ps3 buyers!!! i can definately see some heads gettin whipped!!!


Captain Tuttle4451d ago

I got CHAINED-SAWED in half at least a dozen times last night by a 15 year-old.

Capt CHAOS4451d ago

Still.. I hope they keep that man behind bars for a while and take his 360 away from him..

Daewoodrow4451d ago

somewhere, in the cold depths of America, Jack Thompson is eating his breakfast, when he suddenly drops his fork. (For Jack eats cereal with a fork).
Blinks three times does he.
"What's wrong?" Somebody says to him.
"I... don't know" he replied.
"I just got the feeling that somewhere right now somebody is doing something stupid and giving gamers a bad name... and I should be there, rubbing it in their faces."

Jack then gets up, and walks to get his coat.

Aquanox4451d ago

Errr... How exactly is Gears of War fault that some phsyco beat a kid for the game?

If it wasn't about Gears, this guy would've beaten someone else for another reason. It's not the game or hype problem, the issue is in those sick minded people.

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The story is too old to be commented.