Podcast Exclusive: Interview with Aaron Greenberg & Albert Penello about Xbox One [Gamertag Radio]

This week on Gamertag Radio:

*Podcast Exclusive: Interview with Chief of Staff for Interactive Entertainment Business, Aaron Greenberg & Senior Director of Product Management Albert Penello at Microsoft
*3.9 million Xbox One units sold to retail stores
*The dark days
*Hardware question
*Feedback from Parris
*net neutrality
*Xbox One Updates
*Japan launch
*Xbox UI feedback
*Albert Penello posting on Neogaf
*720p vs 1080p
*surprise giveaway! Details coming soon

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EVILDEAD3602738d ago

Holy...go Gamertagradio..gotta hear this one


thekhurg2738d ago

Interview with Microsoft people?

Quick, post it to the PS4 channel!

EVILDEAD3602738d ago

That was easily one of the best interviews I've heard on the show.

Quotes from it are already being spun negatively, but I thought they did a good job answering the questions from their point of view.

Good stuff


Riderz13372738d ago

The only spinning is done by the two guests on this podcast. Lmfao.

majiebeast2738d ago

From 57.30 its just pure comedy gold. Penello VP of being a clown.

FITgamer2738d ago

The "movie theater" analogy had me rollin.

Gunstar752738d ago

A good interview.

No spin, just two guys passionate about gaming and their product.

christocolus2738d ago

Awesome interview...keep up the good work albert and aaron. Get us more exclusives too.

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