Do Smartphones Even Want Nintendo? – 12 Games That Say No

The current Nintendo financially woes as a result of the failing Wii U has led many analysts to argue that the company should turn to smartphones. This Grab It Magazine article points out how gamers are already fine enjoying Nintendo-like games on the App Store anyway. Videos, links and information on the jump.

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WatDoesTheStarFoxSay3290d ago

This makes me sad. Maybe one day Mario, Zelda, ect. won't exsist anymore. I grew up Nintendo and that's crazy to me. I've tried very hard to embrace Wii U but it leaves a bit lacking.

iosgamer3290d ago

I think the industry would be so much poorer without them. But I don't think iOS is the answer. Isn't the 3DS selling well anyway?

SlappingOysters3290d ago

I think it's crazy to think Nintendo should work for other formats. Has it really worked for Sega. They survived, bu they are barely relevant anymore.

I say just tough it out and do a console your customers actually want. They speak a lot and loudly... just listen Nintendo. Listen.

tweet753289d ago

unless they get quality games with offscreen gamepad control i dont want smartphone games from any company

hazelamy3289d ago

given how many games there are copying the Pokemon formula, i think that's one series that would do very well on smartphones or tablets.

Activemessiah3289d ago

I say keep dumbphones out of gaming

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