Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition HD and SD texture comparison screens

Capcom has released Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition PC screens comparing old and new textures.As well as full screens of certain scenes and objects for manual comparison on resolutions up to 2560×1600 or 2560×1440.

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WatDoesTheStarFoxSay2551d ago

Amazing! HD textures on 9 year old graphics! I Kid, the graphics are still not that bad looking.

GamersHeaven2551d ago

Leons character model holds up damn well.

KingKelloggTheWH2551d ago

The game was exceptionally advanced, its character models are spectacular.

yellowgerbil2551d ago

looks pretty terrible in some of those pics. The shed looked better in SD to me, looked really blurred in HD, and just brought more attention to the simple geometric shapes to a lot of things in the background.
Capcom if you want my money, do something to EARN it. You're going bankrupt for a reason. This is that reason. Trying to scam more money out of people for nothing.

AnnaDea2551d ago

I'm with you here.

This game needs to be seen in motion. The pics makes the game look better in SD...

IndiaFPS2550d ago

Just see grenade comparison pic dat shows the real difference b/w SD n HD

AsimLeonheart2550d ago

I agree with you too. I saw the SD image and thought, "yeah, it looks more neat and woodlike now". Then I realized I was looking at the SD instead of HD. What is up with that?
IMO Capcom is looking to make some easy money by rehashing some old games like RE4 and SF4 before they try their hands on RE7, DMC5 and Rival Schools 3.

Vergil-2551d ago

No one asked for this Capcom, you're just as clueless as Nintendo is.

LoaMcLoa2551d ago

But no-one is complaining either

Biohazard88602550d ago

Alot of people are.. I mean don't get me wrong RE4 is outstanding but id rather have REmake come too steam and other consoles.

Dante812550d ago

PC gamers asked for this. Some of you guys are extremely self-centered.

Prototype_79L2551d ago

I rather wait for Super Resident Evil 4 Turbo, with yellow and blue color costumes for 1 dollar each DLC version.

Venox20082550d ago

and you need to buy DLC to get real ending :)))

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The story is too old to be commented.