Can You Predict The Highest Scoring Game Of 2014?

Obviously, we don't know all the video games that will release in 2014. But based on what you know now, which one will the critics love most? Bear in mind that there are multiple factors to consider, especially when we're talking about next-gen titles where the expectations could be - and often are - through the roof.

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vishmarx3422d ago

everytime anyone tries to imply that XV is releasing this year

SquareSoft3422d ago

Sony's JAPANStudio could or probably already helping SquareEnix develop Final Fantasy XV. Selling PS4 in Japan need more than Knack.

vishmarx3422d ago

doesnt work for multiplats

SquareSoft3422d ago

Dark Souls,a multiplaform game, available on X360 & PS3. Sony help develop Dark Souls, by providing the developer of Dark Souls, a game engine, Sony's Phyre Engine.

admiralvic3422d ago

Considering a good number of games releasing in 2014 haven't been announced, I am going to say no one will predict it unless it's something like MGS.

BiggCMan3421d ago

IF Phantom Pain somehow sneaked its way into 2014, I would say that could be one of them. But otherwise, my vote is on Witcher 3 going by what critics love the most and generally score really high.

I think Destiny has a good chance of being up there, probably in the top 5 rated this year.

Unfortunately I don't see amazing games like Watch Dogs, Ground Zeroes, inFamous, and Dark Souls 2 being among the highest rated this year

Not to say they will get bad scores, or that they will be bad games, hell no.

But they aren't for everyone, and their predecessor games (aside from Watch Dogs at least), have never gotten universal perfect scores or anything.