PlayStation 3 launches amid grumbles about lack of new games

PlayStation 3 fans are preparing for a sleepless night ahead of Saturday's launch of Sony's hotly awaited new console but the hype has been tempered by fears of an over-reliance on recycled hits.

While the PlayStation's legion of Japanese fans are expected to queue up early to jostle for one of the prized consoles, some analysts are questioning whether the PS3 has the 'wow factor' yet to be a real blockbuster.

"Content-wise, the PS3 doesn't look that impressive," said Hiroshi Kamide, a game analyst at KBC Securities.

"The key issue is that software developers weren't given enough preparation time and are waiting on the sidelines to figure out how the PS3 will fare against its competitors."

Sony brushes aside such concerns, promising a mix of ultra-fast and realistic versions of existing favourites as well as new titles.

"We have put enormous efforts into developing this new machine and we have put in the latest and the most advanced technologies," said Yoshiko Furusawa, vice president of corporate communications at Sony Computer Entertainment...

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BoneMagnus4449d ago

I wonder how RFOM will do in Japan since the Japanese are not fans of FPS. Hopefully they will give it a try and like it - and some Japanses developers will create some original and innovative IPs that will come to the west.